Happy Places

Above the River
Araignee's Tangled Web 
Caffeine Girl 
Comfort Zone
Completely Cauchy
Dances With Wool
Delighted Hands
Fifteen Years Older
Hello Knitty
Just in the Knit of Time 
Kim Knits
Knit the Hell Out 
Knitting in Beantown 
Knitting in the Sun
Knitting Sandwich
Knitting to Stay Sane
Mockingbird Hill Cottage
My Sister's Knitter 
My Unoriginal Blog
Nancy's Arts * Crafts
Nothing but knit 
Pointy Little Sticks
Pumpkin Sunrise
Revelations of a Delusional Knitter 
Stitch Along With Me
Summer Daisy Cottage
The Ravell'd Sleave
The Wandering Cat Studio
Wandering Cat Yarns
The Well Fed Wheel
Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons
Wyoming Breezes

*If I've listed your site and you'd prefer not to be here, no offense meant, just leave me a comment and I'll remove you.

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  1. Awe thanks for including me on your Happy Places list!