Friday, January 12, 2018

Back on Track!

Joy of joys. Your good wishes and Kathy B's magic chants have returned the wayward sock.

I came home yesterday and while I was doing the leftover dishes from the morning I asked my son to tidy up the living room a little. I said, "Hey, let me know if you find a knit sock. I can't find one of my Christmas socks."

He wandered off to his room, came back and said he found it with his clean laundry he put away earlier that day. (Of course, he just left it in the hamper) I gave him a big hug. Ah so many things we try to do at the same time, with our hands full. At least this is my excuse for it being in there.

So to celebrate I knit the heel flap last night :)

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my gift knits that I said I was going to work on this weekend. I have already sorted two new projects into project bags.

Keep your crafting dreams alive friends! Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Okay let's just get this out of the way. Because the thought is just rolling around in my brain like a crazy train.

I have lost a sock.

Yes, remember that Christmas Sock 2017 that I knit but had gotten stuck in a tangle? Well earlier this week, I hung out with my friend Mrs. B. and her sister, Kate. Kate loosened it up with her magic hands and ... I was off knitting again. I brought the other sock with me for some reason, probably to keep my crap together.

So as I was back on track with the leg of my 2nd sock -- while taking a break from handwarmer knitting I realized I couldn't remember how many rows I knit for the leg. So, I went to dig out sock #1 to count and reconcile. Well I couldn't count.

It is no where to be found.

I asked Mrs. B. if perhaps I left it at her house. Negative.


I am hoping it turns up somewhere, but I am preparing myself I may have to play some yarn chicken and reknit it.

Something exciting happened today. My cousin in Colorado texted me that her youngest son who I knit a hat for when he was just a baby really liked the hat, but it was getting too small and would I consider making another in a larger size.


So guess what I'm working on this weekend?

I pulled a groin muscle over the weekend and have not been able to exercise properly since Sunday.

I'm resting. I'm stretching as much as I can. I'm knitting. (I have some ends to weave in, but I'll have 2 more pairs of hand warmers to share shortly). I baked a Chai Cinnamon Swirl Cake.

It was ok. the bake was not even enough.

I also got rid of 2 boxes of STUFF in my apartment. There is so much more to go through and get rid of but I'm pleased with any amount of unnecessary moving out.

Everyone's blogs have me all excited to knit as much as I can. Following other people's leads I am focusing on knitting from my stash in 2018:
  • Lunar New Year red hand warmers for Mama Chang (my friend's mother who always sends me curry soup!)
  • Pre-Schooler hat for my dear little cousin.
  • TinCan Knits Gramps sweater. I have to finish one of these in the name of Chrisknits because I know she loves this pattern. For some reason, I struggle with it.
  • Flaum for a friend of mine who looks good in everything and is perpetually elegant and modern.
  • Ellen Cardigan
  • A Throw
  • A box of socks!! I want to knit all the socks! It may be a small box since I do not plan to knit them all for myself, but who cares! I love socks, I love boxes, it'll work out!
Wishing you good thoughts.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Finish in the past and present

It really is true, there is no bigger thanks for a handknit gift than that of knowing it's used. (For baking I think it's if someone asks for seconds, for you to make it again or for the recipe!)

Thank you guys for the nice words about the handwarmers I've been knitting. I have to admit you might be seeing them a bit on the blog since it seems to be what I've been knitting a lot of.

Here is a picture of my little friend when she was just a wee elementary school lass with her original handwarmers. These were a lovely wool, Crystal Palace yarns I believe.

And here she is photo courtesy of her big brother who is besties with my son after she got them this morning.

Here's to knitting some more happiness this weekend. All the best to everyone.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Handfuls of sunshine

5 years ago, I made my friend's daughter a pair of handwarmers and apparently she's worn them out. Now in middle school she wore them over at dinner the other night, far too tiny for my little friend.

I told her I'd make her a new pair for the new year and asked her for her preferred color choices. She asked for yellow because it's a fun color and it goes so nicely with white. It's another pair in acrylic, for that middle school after school snacking and washing. Also the colors were right in front of my face at the yarn store.

These are more of a slouchy, relaxed style. I thought I'd switch it up a bit. Hope she likes em.

This was my third pair in the past 2 weeks and I have to say, I am completely enjoying my mass handwarmer knit.

I have another pair for another friend on the needles and plan another pair in a bulky weight yarn for my other friend's mom in time for Lunar New Year. Much like socks, the handwarmers are good projects for "to-go" knitting.

I am definitely going into 2018 feeling my knitting mojo. After my small pieces are done, I'm going back to sweaters and socks. Mainly to move the large stash set aside for specific projects. It's a crafty form of decluttering ;)

I'm enjoying everyone's crafty new year fervor in the blogosphere. I hope the New Year finds you looking forward with as much positivity as one can muster.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Handwarmers times 2

My good friend Mrs. B. has a niece visiting this holiday who is just 8 years old. A sweet girl who I was supposed to see at Christmas. I asked my friend if I knit her a pair of handwarmers what would be some good color options.

Pink. So I went with a bright pink. It seemed like a fun accent color and striped it with a bright purple. I didn't have enough pink in worsted weight to make them and I did not have the time for fingering weight  so I took a quick trip to the LYS and made it out of there with supplies for 2 girls with specific colorway requests. (I'm still working on the other pair for my other little friend).

I also managed to get out of there without buying any sock yarn (pats on the back for me).

The week leading up to Christmas was so busy.

Knitting time was thin. However I found a little time to discover half way through the first mitt I produced was going to be too big. I haven't done this pattern in a while to really consider the modifications. In my mind Small = Kid. duh, Ellen, duh.

Well I had to finish it. Just to be sure. Then I cast on again. 11pm Christmas Eve. LOL 

I finished 1 mitt in time, but I had only finished the cuff of the 2nd mitt 1/2 an hour till we needed to be at our friends' home. But now I have 2 pairs for her. Maybe one for her and her Mom?

The yarn is extremely soft acrylic -- I figure they can be easily chucked in the wash. However I have not knit with 100% acrylic in a long time and forgot how stiff it can be after a  while.

This week at work has been quiet, which is nice in some respect for re-entry, but it's also ... disorienting. To be honest, I am constantly trying to circle back to things and nothing is getting done efficiently. I am rereading the same passages and reviewing the same lines in the spreadsheet. This week is a wash. I will be happy with anything ticked off the to-do list.

I look forward to the weekend where I am going to take some Aleve, sleep and knit, and eat rice and oranges. Well, I do need to go visit Dad, deal with the laundry situation and ...

Get it done to have some fun. xoxo

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday Work in Progress

I finished the first sock of Xmas socks 2017. I got really excited about making some tracks this past weekend, despite all the busy I had going on, alas. I hit a snag.


I think bouncing around in my bag things happened to my ball of yarn. I spent TWO night at TWO hours each untangling.

I am now down to this:

Here is a close-up.

I'm irritated.

I sent the image to my friend, Clare. See that's her when she rescued me from another rough day last week where my wallet was misplaced on my day off (fell out of my pocket in a co-worker's car). I had found it at this point so we went to lunch and did our best to feel like all is right in the world.

Anyways, Clare is one of those knitters that loves a good knot. It makes perfect sense. She goes full obsessive over puzzles. I like puzzles and I like yarn, but not like that. We had one knit club meeting where she spent half of it sorting out a ball for me.

Anyhow, I texted her and said, "Tell me the truth Dr. am I going to have to cut it out to resume knitting?" She recommended a little tapestry needle action, maybe dampening the bit if that fails before I cut my losses. (See what I did there?)

How do you feel about the tangle? Do you go beserk? Get Zen? Do you seek out other people's knotted yarn because it brings you such joy to work on it? 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Kathy's Monday Q&A

I started reading Kathy's post and thought, I'm gonna post this one. Then I started reading the comments and started randomly commenting on other people's comments. Maybe too much mint chocolate in me, ha!

Here we go kids:

*Have you asked your kids to do something you wouldn’t do?
I have one kid, but I'm seeing the appeal of having multiple children to make multiple entertaining requests. I don't really think I ask him to do much outside of my own comfort zone except for try not to be nervous about something when I personally have to do a lot to manage my anxiety. I think he's getting wise to my shtick though.
*Do you understand: Football, Bridge, or Cricket?
I understand American and "World" Football aka Soccer. I don't really like American Football anymore, but before anyone out here yells at me, I get why you might. So don't come for my head. A good friend of mine is mad about Cricket and is constantly threatening to rope me in. I told her she will have to wait for my retirement. In the meantime though I do like to check out the Guardian ticker during international matches. I love the NON sport commentary. I think this is what the British would appropriately describe as "brilliant".
*Have you talked to your family about Organ Donation?
Yes. I am a registered organ donor. I know the husband knows. I haven't discussed it with the Kid. I assume he would know that's what I'm ok with.
*Did you knit something that you thought you might not be able to this year? 
I think anything I completed this year. The Fall Knit Along socks have been a big win. It was looking bleak earlier in the year. 
*I-phone or Samsung?
I-phone but I'm sick of Apple's proprietary dominance and I'm not opposed to moving away from it, but I'm still under the impression that the security for the OS and apps is more secure.
*Do you put bows or trinkets on your packages?
I'm team Araignee on this. I loathe wrapping presents. It's never crisp, my ends are always a bit ... wonky. The irony is I love wrapping paper. What? It's pretty! It's like fabric for non sewers! I haven't ribboned in a LONG time, but I like those sticker bows. You know, premade, peel the paper back and BOOM, insta jazzy package.
*Do your pets get a Holiday treat?
I have no pets, but we are known to give gifts to either neighbor pets and/or my Dad's dog, Simba because he's a funny fellow who loves to battle a squeaker. 
*Do you use headphones, earbuds or nothing when you watch something on your phone, computer or tablet?
I use Earbuds with my phone. I used to use these free headphones  with my computer at work (Cans as my budding film maker calls them as they go over your ears). I received them when I ordered a pair of sunglasses but those were STOLEN OFF MY DESK and yes, I'm still bitter about it in case you can't tell. TWO rules people. 
  1. Don't lay hands on someone.
  2. Don't take other people's stuff. Holy hotpants what happened to common sense kids?

*If you could take a craft/knit/crochet class in January for free, what would it be?
Fair Isle, maybe learn to use a sewing machine? but really, I'd leave some oranges out for the crafting gods if they'd just give me a little more time to knit and organize.
*Have you ever made a traveling knit? (you knit part and send it on?)
No I think I'd be interested in this when I retire if I learn to manage my time better. In general it makes me nervous, this feels like I'd let people down. I can't handle that, ha!
More words and pictures soon. Knit strong my friends. I'm cheering us all on through the end of this year and many more, grateful for the best in all of us.