Monday, April 10, 2017

Knitting Status

Indeed the epic baby blanket is finished.

It feels divine, but it was definitely a labor of love. The final edging didn't turn out exactly as I wanted it too, but I'm hoping after I block it, it will be a little less annoying. My measuring skills were wonk city.

I will not lie, as soon as the last end was woven in I couldn't wait to cast on for a new pair of socks. Socks glorious socks. Just something simple I said. I sort of blindly threw my hands in the stash and pulled out a perfectly purplish ball.

I was on auto-pilot for the cast on and ribbing so that dictated what non stockinette pattern I was going to do. It was a 60 stitch cast on so I went with just a basic ribbed stitch.

It's giving me the happy. I secretly plan on knitting on this by headlamp as much as possible this week.

And that brings us to what I REALLY NEED TO DO.

Remember these? I knit them for my friend Annie. She gave them back to me with a small hole, wondering if I could repair it. I thought, hmm. I should learn about this.

That was almost a YEAR ago.

I started trying to repair it, maybe a little too late at night. It didn't work. But when I pulled it out ... I made the hole bigger.

Sigh. Any advice or reference for hole fixing is greatly appreciated.

Good knits and good things to you and yours.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The catchup

Well, well, well ... surprised to see me?

Yeah me too. I've been a boring knitter these days and roller coaster of busy so I just didn't post. But here is the catch-up:

Knitting: I am literally finishing the garter border on my baby blanket. I'm definitely at the yarn chicken point, but I'm going for it. If I have to back it out to get the right number of rows, I'll lifeline it to reduce pain. 

My plans of finishing it this past weekend were interrupted by a horrible stomach bug which I'm weakly recovering from. I wore my Ravelry hoodie and slip on shoes to work today, because that's about as fussed as I could be to get there. Unsurprisingly the work still tastes the same ;)

Things learned: My tape measuring skills may not be all I thought they were.

Baking: I had a good run of cakes for a bit.
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Then it went to pot.  I overbaked a bunch of stuff this weekend. I salvaged some cookies for soccer and the neighbors, so there's that. 

Secret Ingredient: Cream cheese

Family: Well, after a long arduous journey, we have pretty much finished the High School selection and assignment process. He was accepted to the 2 private schools we applied to (Drew School and Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep) 2 wonderful schools. He also got his first selection in the Public High School Lottery selection, Lincoln High, which is a very large All American high school with lots of great classes and teachers on the other side of town.

He ended up accepting a spot at his first choice, Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts in Media and Film Arts department. 

It was a long fought battle. H. submitted an initial portfolio mainly of photography and I think one stop motion piece. He then went in for his 2 hour audition. My understanding is that this was 1 part panel interview, 1 part writing assignment and then they put you in a group of other stranger children and they story boarded and shot their bit.

After the first round, we received notice he was not accepted but they would like to see additional work from him. So then he decided to work on a screenplay sample. The initial draft went surprisingly smooth. The editing not so much. The last weekend before the deadline I sent him to his room to work / edit it down. He went in with 7 pages and came out with 10. Edit was misinterpreted.

After some stereotypical Angry Asian Mom moments his father took over and it got done. He submitted and waited. 

Then we heard he did not get a spot. So we waited for the letters from SFUSD with the lottery results, fingers crossed.

But before the letters arrived I get a call from SOTA admissions saying there was a mix up and they knew a lot of families had already made *decisions and they didn't want to complicate things and send us the letter if we didn't want it, but ... he was accepted. I said, "we'll take the complication." The letters came later that day, and he found out he got into Lincoln as did 2 of his best friends. But his heart was with the art and his besties were very supportive of him. It meant the world to him to hear his friends say they would have to make sure to make plans on the weekends. I thanked their mothers in tears after, for raising such sweet boys. 

*Private schools have a decision deadline. Deposits and acceptance must be must be made in a week. For us, we had a day at this point, we were lucky and pretty comfortable with most of the public schools in the lottery.

The application process to private schools and some of the public selection schools is similar to college, tests, interviews, letters of recommendation. Hell, even the decision process reminds me of college (Big envelopes vs. little envelopes.) 

Things learned: 

  1. I may not be a helicopter parent, though I may not be the disciplinarian I thought I was, I parent from a place of using negativity as a lesson too much. Dang.
  2. As much as I am a firm believer in best fit for your child, I am a child of public school and even if we had gotten the financial aid was leaning towards the public school hard. 
  3. I think we're going to use this as an intro for the college application torment. And I'm going to bank some of that money for that SAT prep thing.

So now, I'm basically trying to stay, get? healthy, be a good worker and start decluttering my apartment, hard core. Oh and swear less. It's all really hard.

But that's me. What's been a challenge for you? What have you been changing up? 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I remember there was a time I knit other things besides stockinette baby blankets. I can't really even use that "s" in good conscience since I know it's really only one baby blanket I've been slaving away on. Still haven't finished color 3/4. Whisper words of encouragement from your own needles to mine, friends ;)

I am still utterly and completely disgusted when I try on something new or get dressed in the morning and I'm ... unsatisfied but after all these decades I have to talk myself down from the ledge and remind myself that a number, a specific size does not matter as much as the actual fit of the garment.

I exercise and I exercise just to break even. I know it doesn't matter what size things are as long as I am healthy and things fit appropriately -- whatever it is you like to wear, yoga pants, crop tops, burlap sacks, they all have a best fit for you. Yet I get upset when I get something new and I feel like "it should've fit." and yet, back it goes. I work too hard for my money to shove myself into pants that may or may not put me into "sausage" territory.

Mmm. Sausage. If you're a vegetarian have you ever eaten soyrizo? It's soy chorizo, it's a fun way to jazz up some meatless dishes. breakfast burritos, mmm. Perhaps it's not your thing, but I do enjoy saying soyrizo. LOL.

I learned to make BAKED cheese sticks this weekend. I was trying to bake a strawberry teacake at the same time so I over baked them and they oozed everywhere, but the teenagers hanging out didn't care and agreed it should be "put on the list" of things to make when they gather. The first trick is the freezing. The second trick is to not be fooled by their pale color. They are finished, do not overbake. Pretty sure I used this recipe,

I'm such a weirdo, aside from desperately wanting to knit some "fun socks" I want to knit cardigans. -- This is what I think when I look at all my friend's sock pictures, "oh look, those are so fun! Look at those FUN colors! I might be able to do that FUN pattern!"

But I think I'm trying to manage my crazy cardigan desires by first deciding the next baby knit (or 2) will DEFINITELY be a cardigan. I might have to do her favorite Gramps pattern. I love it too. Apparently I made one for a baby who will be turning 2 soon and he still wears his too small version. Time for an upgrade.

Two best compliments: Someone asks for a recipe. Someone wears what you knit.

Life is busy but it's good. Miss you. Keep at knit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday Work In Progress: Baby Blanket Edition

One of my old exercise pals from the original crew went and had herself a baby girl.

I like babies. Especially other people's babies, and let me tell you this kid is something so cute it's unreal. She was born in early December and honestly I had no extra time for baby knitting mojo. 

But when I saw the baby blanket kit I immediately thought of that cutie pie and well here we are. 

Super skinny yarn on US 3 needles. Send me some good vibes, b/c the yarn is a little splitty. Definitely requiring some bamboo and not metal needles. 

I've managed to make some progress since I actually took the last photo. I'm about to start color block 3/4. I'll post another photo when I get through #3. 

I was just beginning to day dream of pink socks and steel blue sweaters when my neighbors just announced they are having a baby boy this summer, hehe.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oodles of Bread

Saturday night we woke up at 4am (technically Sunday I suppose) and whispered in the dark about our fears of the teenager and for the same teenager.

Last weekend we put the Kid in lock-down to finish an assignment. I was not allowed in the room on the second day of revisions.

So, I baked some bread.

I baked a lot of bread.

I baked some good bread and now you're going to benefit with the recipes. The bread is easy. The problem is that it takes time. You can't be impatient with bread. You save that impatience for the know-it-all teenager whom you love and cry secret tears about when you can still see his baby face when he's sleeping.

Patience and discipline is hard folks.

First up New York Times No Knead 12 - 18 hour rise.

I baked this one exactly 30 mins. cover on and then 15 off. Notice the golden color. The boys were concerned it was not baked enough, but sliced into it was a chewy delight.

Next up was the New York Times Speedy edition.

More yeast, less rise. I added a tablespoon of honey because ... why not. I also baked it longer for a darker color. I gave this to my friend Luis and he seemed quite pleased. He had it for dinner with ravioli 2 days after I baked it and he said the crust was hard but it warmed up in the oven quite well. I stored it in a paper bag not wrapped in plastic.

And this is my happy place, I busted out the pullman loaf pan for perfectly square Beekeeper's Pain de mie.

This was the house favorite. They have had it for breakfast every morning. It's been inspiring. There are many pullman loaf or pain de mie recipes out there. But this one had the least odd ingredients, like potato starch or something dehydrated. I will test a few more things out in this pan and let you know how it goes, but I love that I can make some nice tea sandwich bread from scratch. This is better than the white bread I usually make. Swoon. hearts and happiness.

Speaking of Valentine's Day I leave you with a picture of the lovely tulips my husband brought home. We can't grow anything at our apartment and we don't buy flowers very often so this was a really sweet treat.

Hope you are all well. Knitting progress next, I promise!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sweet Things: My Mom & Viennese Whirl Cookies

This is my Mom. She's in Germany where it is cold. My mother enjoys wearing red. It looks good on her and well she's Asian so it's definitely a lucky color. This is important because my Mom likes to visit the Spielbank with her extra pennies and time when she isn't quilting ...

Anyhow I believe I told you one of my dear friends, Mrs. B. brought me back 3 beautiful balls of red chunky baby alpalca yarn. It was so soft and squishy and I knew just who would appreciate a gift knit up in it. The Moms. Et me voila!

*yes that is a New England Patriots blanket in the background. No accounting of her taste in American Football teams, but you know, my stepfather is from Mass. and they were stationed in both RI and VA so there's a lot of Eastern Seaboard loyalty there ;)

This weekend my experimental bake was Viennese Whirl Cookies or biscuits rather from the great blonde pink wearing Mary Berry.

I did fuss with it because, well that's how I am. 1. I'm lazy and didn't want to make my own jam, and apparently the boys have been eating almond butter and raspberry jam for breakfast so I was out of raspberry jam which meant I had to settle for strawberry. Don't get me wrong, I love strawberry jam, but for baked things we usually turn towards raspberry and apricot because it's not so sweet. 2. I also ended up doing an ermine frosting instead of buttercream because ermine is fluffy and buttercream is heavier and the cookie is so buttery as it is. Really either would work, this is a personal preference.

Cookie issues: 1. The biscuit itself was bigger than I intended. I'm not sure if when baked they spread like my @ss (too much) or if I just piped them like my @ss (too much) but they were much bigger than I anticipated. I didn't want to overbake the cookie and still found them very delicate, easy to crumble so you know, I'm not sure how much I want to do this any time soon when there are so many other sandwich cookies one can do with frosting.

Though the fluffiness of the ermine frosting has me thinking more along the lines of homemade devil dogs or drugstore /hostess cupcakes (I'm looking at you Bridget). Well hopefully I'll get to that in the next month of weekends or so.

Back to the glamour of everyday life and minimizing my CNN intake. ;)

Stay Crafty Kids ... you'll make yourself smile at the very least and maybe someone else too.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Things I made

I didn't have time to take a photo of the hat itself after I finished it but look! It's a finished knit in action. It seems to be worn in joy and that's what matters.

I am currently in the middle of working on this baby blanket kit I picked up at Imagiknit:

I'm finishing up the first color and hope to get a bit into the second of four in the next week or so. It's slow going, but it's stockinette so you know, it doesn't require a lot of brain power.

As most of you know the kitchen has been going as usual. We had one of our family friend's son's stay with us for a few days last week and this was one of the items that got me a lot of praise, which as we all know is what I live for.

Mini chocolate chip donuts from Joy the Baker.

I'm a lazy beast and I was trying to make it to a studio class. so it was just powdered sugar toss instead of her lovely crumb coating. Go with it. Make it yours. Grab the compliments. I would definitely recommend this for a brunch or a knit club meeting :)

I just want to say hi to everyone and their good hearts. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much but  I'll see you soon maybe with a little picture of the beautiful pink I'm slowly working into a baby blanket.

Best and bestest to you and yours.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


I finished the first ball of yarn for my friend AV's hat. I was so excited. I decided to prep the 2nd ball in my project bag. I was sure I could finish it maybe the next day.

I tore up my apartment. The second ball of yarn continues to allude me.

No worries, that's what lunch hours are for. I bought a third ball of yarn to replace the second ball of yarn. Are you still following me?

This is the half a hat with breakfast. Okay not my breakfast. The Kid's.

I bought more hat yarn, because another friend has a request.

I didn't knit that much 2016. So far 2017 feels like a gift knitting year.

This is funny because really I have big dreams and plans of socks and sweaters and scarves.

Still need to finish the Christmas 2016 socks. I know.. I know... Have some faith in me, it will happen.

I want to 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year! Waffles & The Knitting Status

Well here we are a little fresher than before. I admit that I'm still "behind", but I'm not letting it get to me. I'm good. Onward and forward my friends.

Santa came through for me in 2 big ways. First, a headlamp so my night time knitting while my husband puppy snores next to me is in a real zen place. I highly recommend this if you're a late night knitter. Second, I got a replacement waffle maker since the old one died in the summer. It's fancy pants, it's Belgian! My good friend HM at work gave me this fantastic yeast batter recipe and it is DREAM city. I'm telling you, if you like a good Belgian Waffle. This is your recipe. It's from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book. Here is a friendly link.

The Kid was very excited about waffles. He learned to temper chocolate at cooking class during the first week of winter break and wanted to jazz some up for dessert. Not bad right? We finished off the marvelous batter and have frozen them individually for a quick heat up in the toaster oven on rushed mornings.

I'm obsessing over yeast again, so though I will lay low during the week, I plan on taking another crack at bread over the next weekend. 

Knitwise, I finished 2 things. No pictures, I know, I'm sorry. My mother's scarf, but I still have to send it to her! I am going to the post office tomorrow at lunch. They closed the closest post office, so it's quite a hike for me now at lunch.  I also finished a basic hat for one of my friends that I exercise with. I haven't told our other friend we hang out with yet, but I'm knitting him a similar hat for him in another colorway (same yarn). They are such positive folks it's hard not to want to believe in the good in people and want to improve the world around them. One is not so much for photos, but I'll see if I can get the other to model a shot of the finished hat next week.

I'm just about finished with sock #1 of my Xmas 2016 socks. I'm determined to finish them before starting anything else new. But I have been queuing up projects in my mind. I want to work on a baby blanket for my friends who just had this doll-like daughter. I got this kit in the gradient pink. I know blankets are tedious, but you know me, I'll have a pair of socks in a travel bag somewhere. I'm going to return to hats just because I need immediate gratification, but I feel another scarf and cardigan in 2017. I'm crazy like that. 

Tell me, waffles or pancakes? Socks or hats?