Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What do you mean the weekend is over?

Good thing there is another one coming.

This weekend I felt like I got a little bit of everything in. The family all farted around together on Friday (Family Friday Fart Around Night ... what this isn't a thing where you live?) and watched a bad movie. This was not of my choice but I had my sock knitting to keep me occupied to some degree. Regardless I feel like I deserve that hour and half of my life back. No I will not tell you what it was.

Saturday The Kid went with the cousins and my husband's parents to see a production of The Little Prince. It was revealed that he is the only cousin who has not read the book, and therefore his "Frenchness" has been downgraded for the time being, ha! 

Since I was child free for the greater part of the day instead of staying home and doing important stuff that should get done, I got my exercise on. Cardio class in the morning a cup of coffee and then I made my way to an adult ballet class. It's been years since I went to one, but it was good, in that glutton for punishment kind of way. It forced me to stretch a few things that have not been stretched ... in years.

Don't worry everyone's got clean underwear and whatnot, I came home and managed some chores. I also tried a new to me slow cooker recipe of Beef Ragu. Martha's bien sur! I really enjoyed it. I opted for the 4 hours on high Saturday Night. then I brought it to a cool, stuck in the fridge, scraped off the congealed fat  and then put in on low for an hour and a half the next day. We shredded it with 2 forks and added the red wine vinegar. My parents came over for it for a lovely Sunday supper and we served it with Parpadelle pasta.

I also tried a glazed lemon bundt cake recipe with half Meyer lemons and half regular (this is a printed recipe so no link :(). This was a big hit. I portioned it out and gave some to my parents and a few of our building neighbors. I'll add this one to the repetoire as well.

I had yesterday off and got a temporary crown so now I continue to chew on one side until next year.
(Could be a lot worse)

 Then we had a knit club birthday chockful of queso and guacamole and bean and cheese quesadillas! Unfortunately birthday girl is taking the picture. Boo!

But wait, here she is while I make goofy faces with Tunnocks tea cakes eyeballs, ha! Always fun with that gang.

And that my friends was an action packed weekend. Tonight I bake cookies for 41 (I've been hoarding cookie dough in my freezer in anticipation) and I continue to focus on holiday socks. Even my hat plans have moved to the back burner to exact maximum enjoyment from holiday sock yarn.

Wishing you good things 'cause that's not just holiday spirit, it's just good spirit.


  1. Sounds like you're having fun, but I agree the days are just flying by at warp speed! Enjoy them!

  2. That sounds like an excellent weekend. I'm envying you your knit club, they look like lots of fun. Very impressed with the adult ballet, well done you! CJ xx

  3. Yup, nothing like family and friends!

  4. Lots of fun in your life, good on you! That meat and pasta looks super.

  5. Actually it sounds like a great weekend! Holiday stuff mixed in with the every day stuff like laundry makes for a good combination if you ask me.

  6. sounds fantastic except for the dentist visit...but I'm happy you and eat and chew!! I haven't read the little prince either...I guess I should!!

  7. oh my...with that kind of weekend, i'd be wanting it to last longer, too!! what fun!!! (yeah, dentist part wasn't so hot, but the rest pretty stellar).....ballet, huh? I'm seriously envious. Some days I'm happy to just get out and walk the dog!!!

  8. Before retirement, I could never determine why the weekend flew by and the rest of the week simply crawled. I'm glad you took some "me" time when you had the opportunity. It's important to recharge.

    Have fun baking cookies.

  9. I am tired just reading about all the things you did. I love the tea cake photo. You even make them look yummy!

  10. Cookies for 41! Yum!!! I want pictures. Smellaputer...all that.
    You look great Lady!!
    Im going to try your Beef Ragu. Mmmmmmmm.
    Tis the season to be JOlly and you sound good girl!

  11. That's a nice spread with your knit club. I miss my SF group and haven't had the time to drive up to join them on a Monday morning. "I love it when a [new recipe] comes together." I listened to The Little Prince audio; it was okay for my tastes. I like live productions of books; went to a few when the girls were in the city with their classes.

  12. I was tired just reading this post! That was an action-packed weekend.
    Cookies for 41! That sounds like a ridiculous amount of work. You are an angel for doing that.

  13. omg! What I wouldn't give to spend a weekend with you!! It just has to be hilarious, no doubt.

  14. I agree with Chris ---- we could have quite the interesting weekends if we ALL got together. Adult ballet class sounds interesting. Not sure if I stretched I would snap back, but it sure would be worth a try.

  15. Sock knitting seems to be the order of the day when doing anything including farting around! It is certainly what I did most of the weekend. These days it seems we need to grab some down time when possible.

    Queso and guacamole and bean and cheese quesadillas Oh my!! These are some of my favorite things. It looks like it was a fine party (and a very busy kitchen). Happy birthday to the picture taking birthday girl.

  16. Friday Family Fart Around Night will now be a thing around here! With knitting and homemade specialty popcorn, of course. I always love reading about your weekend doings. That last picture is the best!

  17. I love all the activity, the hustling and bustling! And a kid free portion of the day is a special treat, no offense to any kids out there.
    Hugs to you ,