Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! A few holiday highlights

I know I'm a little late to the start of the show, but that's okay. I know in my heart is the sincerity of my good wishes for us all.

I think it was good I went quiet a bit toward the end. I think I needed to just get through the end of the year enjoying the time with my friends and family and focusing on the very good that is in my immediate life.

Sometimes at the end of the year I think I reflect a bit too much and that in itself can become a little paralyzing.

Here are a few snaps from the end of the year:

I made these Nutella glazed doughnuts. Pretty and tasty! Perfect for a girls brunch before the ballet!

I finished my gingerbread socks!

I finished my Christmas socks on New Years day. These started off so strong, but then I think went to pot after one too distracted knitting sessions. My stitch count was somehow first off then misaligned. I ripped out 3 times, the last because I had misjudged the length of the foot when I was almost done with the toe!

I learned that my Twinleaf makes an excellent hipster scarf, just add hot chocolate and a too cool for you pose ;)

Unfortunately the workload both personally and professionally has not subsided after the new year as I had hoped, but I have had a chance to pop in here and there  around the blogosphere/Instagram world of knitters, crafters and doers!. There has been such a good energy from everyone to begin again with a freshness, calmness and simplicity that feels ... attainable. I thank you for that. You're inspirational without all the cheese. (okay maybe like just a sprinkle of Parmesan but I LOVE Parmesan -- and Dad jokes, in case you were wondering)

I begin this New Year feeling a little nervous but mainly appreciative and grateful. I am excited for some new knits and new adventures. I'm excited to watch all of you knit and ... live.


  1. oh, gosh, I had to laugh!!!! The few times i've worn my twinleaf, I've worn it exactly like that!!!!!!!!!!!! big, bulky looking (although we both know there was NO BULKY YARN IN THAT KNIT!!!!), and scarf-like!!!

  2. Love the gingerbread socks! That yarn is calling to me.

  3. Love your socks!

    The important thing is to enjoy your holidays and your family - you can get to us anytime. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  4. YOUR SOCKS are spectacular. And your KID is too. he looks great in the scarf ! One day at at a time my dear friend. Keep the needles moving and your mind at ease

  5. I think those gingerbread socks are adorable.

    Wishing you a very happy 2016!

  6. Happy New Year! You had me at donuts but the socks and scarf are equally scrumptious.

  7. Happy New Year, I found myself reflecting way, way to much about the past year, but it was a tough one so now I am trying to make a positive change and look forward to what is happening right now.

  8. Yay for the socks! Th gingerbread socks are beautiful; the donuts look like a good snack while wearing the socks! Happy new year to you, too!

  9. Those donuts look very yummy! Love the gingerbread socks, too. Have a wonderful 2016. And happy knitting!

  10. You ARE hip woman! I wish I could be so hip. But more so I need NEW hips! These old ones aren't working so well lately. LOL! Must be that old age I got going on. Have a good one!

  11. Good for you for taking the time to enjoy life -- that's what matters.
    I wish I could look so good wearing a scarf and a cup of hot chocolate.
    I hope life slows down for you in 2016!

  12. Happy New Year to you, dear friend! Sending you many wishes for a slower and peaceful 2016.
    Hipster scarf...rather fantastic. :)

  13. happy new year, better late than never!! love your socks and that last photo!! so cute!

  14. Man, do I wanna eat at your crib. You always got good eats and I always eye the sweets. Your boy is a handsome and getting big. The scarf/shawl/wrap looks good on him. Look at that styled hair.