Monday, April 11, 2016

Kathy B's Monday Meme

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd join the great Kathy B. As many of you know, Kathy B does a Monday Meme and she's always got interesting questions and it's always fun to see what she and her followers are up to knitting and non knitting wise.

1. What did you do during the Masters? 
The Masters goes on  for  D A Y S. However the time I was aware it was on the t.v. I was at the gym, huffing and puffing and sweating (possibly swearing) on the treadmill.

2. What is your most recent knit fail/change my mind/don't want to knit this afterall? 
I struggle with completely giving up on something. I often hibernate things for at least a year before I can say "see ya, never want to knit ya!" I've got 2 scarves in hibernation, but I still feel pretty good about them, much like end of high school romances, the timing is not right ...

3. When was the last time you walked in the rain? 
Squeal! I'm so excited to be answering this question. We are getting some bonafide spring showers and weather in Northern California and the days of gray mixed in with the days of partly cloudy and random 78 degree sunshine is very very welcome.  Anyhow, it was Saturday I stood out in the soccer match rain (The Kid scored the first goal of the match!) and at a birthday party where these shenanigans happened...

4. Do you like to get yarn as a gift? 
I do from Knitters, because they are not insane and give you practical things you will actually knit with. My family tends to give me gift cards because they don't know what I want. Though now that I have found the love of sock knitting I am pretty much learning one can never go wrong with sock yarn. At worst it's a funky colorway it seems. But hello! Socks in anything funky are fun!  

5. When is the last time you had to repair a handknit? 
Get out of my head Kathy!! I had a friend talk to me about a pair of Everyday Hermione's getting a hole in them on the top of the foot. I don't have that yarn anymore, so I'll have to patch it. The rabbithole to darning and patching techniques is  D E E P and awesome if you are so inclined. It will still require a sufficient amount of uninterrupted still and quiet (no family no t.v.) time for me to attempt...

6. If someone was going to knit you the perfect sweater would it be a Fisherman's Irish sweater or a Lopi ? 
I'm going with the Fisherman's Irish sweater. I love the word shenanigans. I like cables and neutral colors and fish. I think the Irish accent is lovely but whenever I attempt it, I sound like I'm attempting an Indian accent. Not pretty people, not pretty. 

7. When was the last time you raised your voice? 
Wow Kathy, these questions are like a mini confessional eh? More than a few hail Marys for me. I raise my voice too often, but less than I used to in all honesty. I yell too much as a parenting tool for my own impatient less than valid reasons. My son once told me I was angry. Even when I'm not yelling, there is a tone I take that I will never be able to take back. This is why I have a casual knitting and whatever the heck I'm fiddling with blog and not a parenting one.  But I try to be good to him and own it when it's out there unnecessarily. It's the only way we improve people. To actually answer the question, last night I raised my voice after 20 mins of dithering around an already sanctioned late bed time. But this time, raised, not yelling. Great now I want to hug my kid. I only have to wait 11 more hours. sigh.

8.  Do you take blog photos with your phone or a special camera? 
Just the phone. I don't have the organization or the time to use anything else. I think a special camera would be wasted on me. 


  1. That birthday party activity is a riot! I'm glad you snapped a photo.

    Irish knits for me, too, only if someone else is knitting. I can knit cables and bobbles, I just don't find any pleasure in knitting them.

  2. That photo is too funny....and I don't even have a clue to what's going on.

  3. how funny....walking in the rain....just came in the house dripping wet!! still sort of damp!!! :)

  4. I am so impressed that you correctly spelled shenanigans as it is flummoxing me so much I keep scrolling up to see how you spelled it! The shenanigans look like so much fun!

  5. The #3 photo looks like SO MUCH FUN!

  6. What a neat birthday party! Only a boy would think of that. I love Kathy B's Monday memes too.

  7. I like walking in the FL rain because it's warm!
    I would love another Fisherman's sweater-my mom made me one when I was a teen...I wore it out! I don't yell.

  8. OH we moms all yell. I was very yelly. I wish I hadnt been. Al just reminded me that I once pulled the car to the side of the road and I got out and spanked zach. She says she doesnt remember lots of yelling. See Ellen...they forget thank GOD!

  9. OH we moms all yell. I was very yelly. I wish I hadnt been. Al just reminded me that I once pulled the car to the side of the road and I got out and spanked zach. She says she doesnt remember lots of yelling. See Ellen...they forget thank GOD!

  10. I yell more than I should, but I am heard :) I always wished I was soft spoken :)

  11. ....and now I am going to proceed to overuse the high school romances quote for all of my lingering UFO's. Thanks for that ;)
    Also, thumbs up to the universal appeal of sock yarn as gifts. My family thanks you for that :)