Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Pick Me Ups for the Superficial

Below is a list of go to make it better items that may or may not have redeeming qualities or may on the other hand display the full-range of my shallow sinful existance. However these items, help prevent the pity party and remind me that lots of things can make you smile, if you do something about it instead of fret.

* Buy a $1 scratcher lottery ticket. hehe. love the sense of reveal. even when nothing matches on the card, the fact it could've or might maybe next time is comforting.

* Soup. Seriously, I can eat it for breakfast and it will make the say seem more promising. I feel satiated, but not overwhelmed.

* Knitting a few rows. Provided I don't screw them up, instant gratification. Productivity and meditation all in one.

* Lipgloss/Chapstick/Lipbalm. Because it reminds me to take care of something small that makes me appear I care without all the self-consciousness of lipstick during the day.

* Earl Grey Tea with Milk & Sugar. Better than any chocolate chip cookie for me when I need something sweet and feels like a hug. (Granted I am not a sweet tooth)

* Fishing for Affection. I am lucky I have a very nice man-friend and a fairly compassionate child. So ... I can call (at an appropriate time) during the day and say hi to Man-friend, and ask him something mundane about dinner plans. Or I can be 15 year old cheezy, "just wanted to say hi." and I'll get my "have a nice day dear, love you". I can fluff The Kid's eternal bed-head and get a squishy hug or say, "Hey! I love you, you know." "i knoooooooow. love you too Mom."

I'll take it!

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