Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Honorable Mentions & Gold Stars

I had some personal improvements that I've been working on that made some progress this week, but nothing that will get me a blue ribbon. On the otherhand, also did some fun things that definitely merit Gold Stars ...

Honorable Mentions
Bagged up clothes and shoes. Kid began a bag in the hallway. Recycle Queen! Can't be gold star with so much more to do!

Scrubbed the private hell out of my fridge. Inside I wiped it down two more times to make up for neglect.

Dented paperwork for various kid functions. No gold star because it's not done.

Went with Man-friend to get The Kid his first bicycle. No Gold Star, because we still need to teach him how to ride it, and my father thinks we should've given him one that he has.

I hit tennis balls against a wall. No Gold Star, because I should've hit with a friend or hit for longer.

Gold Stars
Pioneer Tree Trail Hike at Samuel P. Taylor State Park with the kids. Lame - I forgot my shoes and had to do it in wedge flip flops.

Brunch in San Anselmomomo at L'Apart. Mizuna salad happiness and lemonade with Kennebec fries. Who knew I would like the flavor of pear in my Moules?

Hanging with Madam B. She's so witty and observant and hospitable. Our kids play nice and her husband is nice too. Dangerous when I feel that relaxed at someone else's house I don't know so well. Hope to find some time for an afterschool date.

Going into Michael's craft store and only coming out with the knitting needles I needed.

Shaking off the bad knitting vibe and reknitting the All Day Beret. It still looks like funky. Like I won't gift it to the Good Girl at this point, but I am enjoying the way the pattern feels. I can knit it fast and I will finish it. I won't lie. I'm secretly hoping that it all works out in the end, worn by someone.

Somehow making it to work despite not sleeping well for days. Hmm, maybe this should be an honorable mention.

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