Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I dream in knit

Last night as I finished the last batch of cookies after making a vegetable red curry with questionable outcome. (It seems sweet ... that wasn't my mother's coconut milk I tell you!) I thought. Geez, that was nice, my kitchen is rather tidy, but I didn't really get to knit they way I wanted to, and tomorrow we have guests so I won't get to knit the way I want to either.

I will never finish BFF's shawl. Then, I read this:

I am towards the end of this project, knitting on public transportation and soccer practice and, using madelintosh sock so there was a lot of "me too!" while reading this post. However surprisingly, I'm eyeing my stash and considering doing it again very soon, perhaps on my whirlwind trip to Hawaii. I read her mod, "11 stripes" and I'm thinking "doh!" -- why didn't I think of that?!? I don't think I'll have enough to finish now ... In the best words of Scarlett O'Hara (and since I won't be able to freak-knit until the weekend) "I can't think about that right now."

What's also In Progress? or In the queue?
  • This Lacy Stole from Lion Brand in Cascade Pima Cotton Green. Tediuous, but not boring.
  • This seed stitch cowl is STILL not done. ALMOST THERE ... This is tedious AND boring, however it will look nice ... just like a few bad dates;)
  • Sister in Law J is patiently waiting for her endless cardigan. Good thing I targeted next school year.
  • And of course how simple would life be if I didn't STILL have Ale's blanket on the needles ...
Admittedly I am redundant. I am purposely not listing what I want to do next. There is plenty. Seeing how much I have in progress was rather ... sobering. I will say one item upcoming is our knit along at work ... Rock Island. I think it will be very challenging for me, and completely different from something I would normally gravitate towards.

I have been reading a bit about knitting in public. I read a lot of things like, "Knit in public! Let them Stare!" Whoa, I never even thought (except once at a basketball game) that my knitting in public could possibly offend anyone. Crazypants! It's not like I'm having some phone conversation on the bus where everyone is learning about my personal life or business habits -- not like those brief, "Okay you pick up the chicken.", but the long winded detailed ones. *you know who you are.

Well I don't care. I'm knitting anywhere I have space or time. However if it demands eye contact ... that goes into questionable, and one must use context and common sense or more crazy pants ... ask if it's okay.

I refuse to feel dirty about it.

Well, here's to champagne wishes and knitting dreams ...

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