Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pictures, cheers!

I am known for my history revision. I can have a photo and I will have my own story about what happened or what that person was feeling. But lately I feel like I need the picture. I feel greedy to remember and not forget. I bought one of these from photojojo:

The Kid loved the old mini polaroid camera I had before the film died and the camera died. Even when the old film was developing in rainbow dark shadows he was still excited. I think it's an appropriate follow up item -- fun for the whole family!

Today the school is doing the first day of U.N. Days. Where each classroom represents a nation and there are food samples and decorations and projects that represent the nation's culture. The Kid was SO excited. He is convinced it is the best event all school year. He was up early this morning putting the kettle on to get me going. Encouraging me to perhaps not take a shower or we might be late (We were also responsible for donating Gouda cheese ... guess our nation?!?)

On the way, I asked him if he would like to borrow the camera. He said, "No, that's okay."

"I thought you liked taking pictures?"

"I do."

"Are you embarassed to take them in front of the other kids."


"Okay, well you shouldn't feel embarassed about it, it's something you like, but I understand."

There was more rambling about it not hurting anyone, don't take pictures of people who don't want it etc. That was incredibly long and boring.

However it makes me feel like I need to encourage him in this, maybe when we are alone or when he's with his Dad. Not friends public pressure.

He used to take pictures all the time. I remember putting together an online photobook with him in Kindergarten he was so control freaky it was funny. But now he is older and more self conscious. Therefore I need more snaps.

Because once upon a time it was this:
And yes that's a scanned old timey photo back when ravioli was an amazing brand new experience

This one, was Kindergarten, when things were still so innocent and things were exciting like these pretty flowers. "Mom aren't they beautiful?" and agreeing to take pictures was the norm.

before we had to take surly mug shots for soccer teams (thanks coach P) showing our general feeling about everything ...

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  1. Your Gouda was a big hit at UN day today. The last class (Kinders) couldn't get enough!

    I hope H decides to keep taking pictures. I love kids' perspectives through photos. It's super cool.