Friday, June 1, 2012

It's true I have taken photos of food.

HM often asks me how a meal went. I tell her the truth.
My mother often reminds me when cooking, it's always best to clean as you go, so you can enjoy your handiwork. I tell her the truth. I do.

Sometimes I'm secretly pleased with my success. So pleased, I've been known to document it. Here's a few old favorites.

Cheese plate. Ah HM, thanks for the good influences and ideas. Pat on back to self for buying the sandwich plate on sale at Macy's -- to hell what the household thinks of my "blue and white" problem.

I had another one from Christmas but the flash messed up the chicken in the background. So I refer you to Thanksgiving. The first one with my mother and stepfather and The Kid ever.

Easter's Herb Slab "Pizza"
The wide shot (is that what you call it little snoops?)

And that my dearies, will have to do for now :)

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