Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was a good weekend. Fun times, solid sleep and a relatively happy household. Highlights:

Weekend kick off cocktails with littlesnoopy.  We went to Heaven's Dog for happy hour and had a lovely early evening of chatter and snacks. The salt and pepper jalapeno chicken wings are really good and not greasy. The siu mai dumplings tasty served w/Sriricha and hot mustard, but no soy. The steamed spicy wontons? meh, will not be ordering those again. I was sad to go home, but knew for the sake of sobriety and a 9am soccer practice I should.

France vs. Spain quarterfinal viewing at the Peacheys after soccer practice. Good times, except for the beatdown The Kid and I took from the other children for being France fans. And France couldn't find the back of the net or turn on the pace and energy.

Impromptu Date Night. The Kid was whisked up by his friends for a group sleepover with pizza, ice cream and a movie (spoiled!!). So the Manfriend and I had the evening to ourselves. It was kind of precious how he offered to go out, since I know he is exhausted on Saturday and usually prefers to fall asleep by 9pm. Ha! Anyhow, I really didn't feel like being out and about. So we read and watched an old Japanese horror movie, Battle Royale and made pork belly fried rice together and ate at a NINE pm. We were crazy. We also were both snoring by 10:30pm. I gave up when I ripped out the left side edging of my cardigan.

More zumba shake it on Sunday morning. The class was packed and despite an early bedtime I was still tired, but Rossy (pronounced Rosie) has such an amazing energy that it's hard to care. I always feel better after I go.

England vs. Italy Eurocup quarter finals viewing. I had my first bacon butty sandwich. Hot pots of tea and mimosas also accompanied this fun viewing. One family brought their England flag. It was a frustrating match, despite how adorable Joe Hart looked in the goal. Another favorite (of mine) ... eliminated.

Mother/Son book club is in full effect. It's informal, but I appreciate it. The Kid said, "You should read my book Mom, I bet you would like it." Well why the heck not? He's excited about his book. More importantly he wants to share and that is like a comet. Enjoy it while you can. So I started reading "The Red Pyramid" by one of the authors the kids seem to really like, Rick Riordon.  I give him an update where I'm at, and what parts I think are funny. He wants to know what parts I think are scary or the creepiest monsters etc. Good times.

Bad home dye job. The color? Jungle brown.

I decided to start a side project, like this for fun. The Manfriend and I often discuss what would be good supplies in case of the apocalypse. I'm not saying it's brilliant, but it's fun. Too many Mad Max movies as kids? Anyhow something new.What would you pack for the apocalypse?

And now we move onward. Another week of summer. New camp, a professional soccer match, a hair cut and I hate to say it, I'm going to have to cast on something new...

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