Sunday, March 31, 2013

A bench of FOs.

When we got our new couch, we were supposed to get rid of our ottoman.

As you can see, we still haven't done that. It has become a resting place of passing hobbies and interests -- usually a mixture of Lego projects, entertainment and current events periodicals and of course ... my knitting.

Well today, the ottoman empire (tee hee) belongs to me! Languish no more knitting projects, complete your journey to finished objects! Weaved in AND almost done blocking.

1st up we have a baby set. The infamous diaper pants in pink! (Andi is right, pink is an absolute pleasure to knit with, I'm going to find something pink to knit this summer!) And since I had some yarn left over, I tried a baby hat. I hope at least one of the two fit.

2nd is Saroyan which really was just a joy to knit. I hope it looks okay, but even if my mess-ups are visible, it will not stop me from knitting this again. My mother is visiting and thinks she needs to absorb this into her neck-ware collection. Before she heads back to Kansas I suppose we'll find out how much I love my mother, or how much my mother loves neck-ware, ha!

3rd is Yarnster. An easy knit that I somehow managed to modify anyhow. The yarn is tosh dk in Spectrum. This hat has confirmed my hat issues. All my hats seem to turn out a bit small. I need to work on that. But ... not right now.

*I'll try to get some individual pictures later.


  1. OH fear not, MY Cubs can blow a 10 run lead iike little leaguers in no time!