Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Thursday

In the interest of catching up with posting despite the fact I have been kind of cranky and unreasonable, and have been lost in a world of work and tasks ... I am left to listing again.
  • An iced mocha (sans whipped cream for me) is the best grown-up chocolate milk. I had my first one Tuesday in a year, and I think it made me not only hyper for the last bit of my work day, but also incredibly cheery from the inside out and satisfied.
  • I love the link sections in Knitting Blogs. I read one knitter (possibly A Friend to Knit With?) talking about getting rid of hers in order to reclaim her site's real estate and keep it uncluttered and fresh. I remember thinking Oh No! Many of the comments encouraged her to do so. But I say don't! I don't do RSS feeds and Facebook. It's just too much for me to maintain, I barely maintain my household and Ravelry page!
  • I love My Sister's Knitter's link section. Honestly, I use her site as a portal to other fantastic places to visit. That is how I found Project Stash, Knitspiring Odyssey, Knit the hell out,  and lately Polka Dots & Sparkles (goodness I love that name). There are more wonderful sites on her list, and crazypants, she actually maintains the list! So in case anyone is wondering. I'm one of those people who uses those side navigations of external happy knitting links. The whole point of visiting other people's blogs is to see what other people do and how they think and what interests them, and look! they're pointing us to even more exposure and exploration ... swoon.
Oh and regarding knitting, here are a few better pictures of my latest F.O.s.
In fact I think the picture is good enough to see the error in my Yarnster hat, ha! How do you think this would look in all white? I might give it a go.

This one is of the baby knits I finally managed to get to the family this morning at school line-up.

  • I have no shame in admitting I have found some nice shapewear  at Target. We all do what we must to hold things together: inside the self and well, inside the clothes. hehe.
  • Another purchase, new sunglasses. Kate Spades. I am usually a Ray Ban girl but I felt like something different, and this is what the sweet counter girl suggested at Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales, my best friend for sunglasses and bras.  They are nicer to me in the sunglasses section. Shh.
 Some girls like shoes and handbags. I like sunglasses. I know that I don't deserve to spend this much money on them since I trash them and lose them. (never with the cheap ones, that are crooked and don't look so good on my face -- why is that?)

And that my friends, is Thursday's random.


  1. Ironically I am sipping on an iced mocha right now, and I feel exactly the same way you do!
    Love all your great hats.
    And I am glad that you like my links on my blog. I do try to keep them up to date, because I know I use them myself quite often. :)

  2. THE HAT IS so pretty. THe texture of it would look great in white..and IM not a white yarn fan!

    Whose that wearing those FOSTER GRANTS?