Sunday, April 14, 2013

Knitting Plans

In another weekend of whirlwind family oriented plans, I still managed to find some time to knit, along side a hefty glass of white wine ... or two. I also managed to read a few chapters (with less wine, but that's for another post).

The color affection is "getting there". My affection for it wanes because I do not think the color choices will work for the person I wanted to give it to, and also I fear I have pulled to hard switching colors ... again. I'm okay though, I truly believe in the journey, and I'm well aware I could've stopped and frogged at anytime. I'm also giving myself a small pat on the back for shopping within the stash on this one.

I like to take pictures of my knitting crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (north bound). It is usually the beginning of some fun times. Napa, Sonoma, camping, family picnics, swimming in the Russian River. Anyways, this time it was Santa Rosa a nephew's 12th! birthday party bbq. Good times for sure.

I had planned on visiting a yarn store (for the first time) up there, but there just wasn't time. That's ok. I should stick to the stash as much as possible and I will get a chance to visit the North Bay soon, I'm sure.

As the end of a project nears, I am beginning to think of what I want to knit next. I somehow got it into my head that I really want to do these gifts for two of my friends. However they don't know that, and I feel a little pressure about getting it right since ... the last attempt wasn't very successful.

Coming off of Saroyan, in a similar scarf-esque interest:

Based on my current ravelry shopping cart, it appears to be the year of the shawl. And that's just fine with me. I'm still drawn to the same short row stripe structures, but I am trying to get over my fear of lace.
French Cancan

I know, many things have been previously mentioned...

I still have dreams of knitting my first pair of socks. My friends keep telling me about the magic of the Magic Loop but I feel like I need to study or read a bit on that first. I think I should do this before I race out to the yarn store for 40" circs on my lunch hour :)

On knitting and prison escapes:
George Blake, a British double agent, used a ladder made of rope and knitting needles to escape Wormwood Scrubs jail in 1966, five years into his 42-year sentence for treason. With the help of accomplices, he made his way to the border of East Germany hidden in a secret compartment inside a camper van. Blake ended up in the Soviet Union and still lives in Russia, where he receives a KGB pension and last year celebrated his 90th birthday.
* Source: SFGATE

one more puddle of color affection going north ...

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  1. I am off to check out those shawl patterns THANKS. I think there is ONE in my near future