Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Quick Catch-up

I've been crap for posting lately. I have been doing stuff. I think I had bad case of the crankies too, and really just didn't want to subject anyone else to it, other than who are legally bound to me, if you know what I mean.

However I think I've turned a corner. I'm finding some inner sunshine and I'm going to focus on it. There are so many  things to be pleased with.

After too long a period of time I got to visit with my sister and her family, which meant we got to see this little man at Little League. What a ham! Look at the "Blue Steel!"

I got a chance to bake a little, not bread. For some reason, I am only capable of talking about bread and clipping bread recipes. Who knows, perhaps this will resolve itself during Spring Break ...

I worked some more on socks.

I cast off my Great Divide. I sort of ran out of the color yarn I was casting off with and couldn't bring myself to back it out too much further, so I um, improvised. I did the double-knot Jane Richmond join (yes Evelyn, it's awesome!!) and cast off in the contrast color. I could not even bother doing it symmetrically.  That's okay. It's done. I don't know what to do with it. I was thinking maybe I'd give it to the local APS for their elderly clothes/warm things donation box. I just worry about handing off wool. It's good stuff, Madelinetosh, but it's not always the easiest to care for ... well you know what I mean.

I will tell you a secret. I have more than a few knitted homeless things. Do you? What do you do with them?

I will post a bit more later this week. I have a new project I cast on. Crazypants something new! But not so distracting that the socks become orphans.

Also it's almost the end of March and there hasn't been a giveaway. I have an idea or two, so stay tuned for a post ... before the end of the month on something to win. Really! I promise!

Spring Break is around the corner for my household, my daydreams of knitathons are already out of control. Regardless I will make sure I have at least one pair of In Progress socks finished AND some baby knits off to a roaring start. Those co-worker babies are coming the end of May! not that the knits will necessarily be done on time, really don't you know who I am?


  1. Huzzah, huzzah. Look at that color. This is great. It will be very pretty wrapped around your lovely neck, darlin'. And that little man. Too cute.

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to subject others to the way you feel, I've had that a bit recently too. I couldn't say anything cheery, so I didn't say anything at all for a while. I do hope you're feeling more positive now. CJ xx

  3. I've had a case of the winter crabbies, too. When I find myself getting cranky on Ravelry forums, I know it's time to withdraw for a bit.

    Love the shawl - gorgeous colors. The knits that are not for me are given to charities and/or friends and family.

  4. Yeah for spring break. Sounds like you have great plans for yours.

  5. Lovely shawl, I love the colors!! I love that - "blue Steele" hahaha - that is quite the hammy ham pose, lol!! And we're all entitled to some cranky pants time, it happens ;)

  6. oh gosh....knitted homeless things. i sort of specialize in them. i make something because i want to KNIT it, not necessarily OWN it. Maybe I should be rethinking this strategy!!!

  7. beautiful knitting and I think if spring would appear everyone's moods would be uplifted!

  8. Of course I have a drawer of things knitted up that have not called to anyone yet. Sometimes they reveal themselves as Holiday gifts as the date approaches. SOmetimes I donate to the local church. Often they become the perfect gift I had never imagined when I cast on. That's they magic of knitting..just keep on stitching!!
    I love your purple pink combo

  9. You cranky? No way! I am though, I am so tired I want to get sick, you know how that is! I am flummoxed with my knit tin, frustrated with crochet and not blogging very much. I need to get myself together!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Right there with you. This winter has got me grouchy.