Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am very tempted to put a big old Ellen the Melon face picture of myself up here for WIP Wednesday, simply because I'm such an exhaustive work in progress.

Really, it's amazing the family tolerate me so. I almost did a 10 on Tuesday Carole Knits post, but as I continued to write up basically all the chores and things my husband currently does, I felt pretty embarrassed and wondered what I do besides bark orders at The Kid and clap like a human metronome for flute practice...

Yeah, I decided to abandon that post.

I mentioned to Kepanie that I'm also all disheveled (as the assistant at work so young and fresh reminded me) from a combination of Daylight Savings, poor sleep and allergies. (The young assistant kindly and sincerely suggested frequent face washing -- it helps.)

The good thing is that the work stuff ...  I'm hopping through it, like fluffy kittens and bunnies in the sunshine. So you focus that spotlight right?

I have been keeping up with my exercise to prepare for my walk/run 12k this Sunday. It's just cardio so I have some stamina, but this is called exercise in the evening. It makes me tired. 12K will take me approximately an hour and thirty minutes to get through it to be honest ... if I'm doing well. I never said I was swift. Which reminds me have you seen Katiebee's swift? Coolest ever, right?

In the hour or two between the sMothering and exercising and neglecting of domestic duties I am trying to keep up with my volunteering for the school, book leveling project. We are getting so close to finishing the classrooms, I can taste it!

Alas, I am not really finding much time to knit or read. Yet Sunday evening when I was watching the True Detective finale, I worked on a sock.  A new sock, in winter colors. Why? because it's some fun Zauberball and I knit summer and fall socks, but no winter ones. (Mr. Dress Up doesn't count, he's special!) Also I saw how nicely Wee Pleasures' ball knit up. And I dunno, I couldn't face "fixing" my WIPs any further. Holy Hot Toddies I have touched The Great Divide due to my great underestimations of yarn to D E A T H. There just hasn't been a sufficient amount of time or love to deal with the cardigan.

I'm sure a less angry, irrational knitting time will come when I touch it again and kill it finish it. I am so close.

Tell me are your current projects, knitting and life-like are they giving you joy? Are they frustrating you?


  1. Thanks for the mention and I love how you tied topics together. I have one and one via knitting projects. One is done and ready yo send - yay! The other, I'm giving up for now.

  2. I tried knitting a cowl and a scarf in lace-weight yarn and frogged both of them. I've decided that lace-weight yarn is not something I enjoy knitting. The four skeins I have will be sold at the Fiber Guild meeting this weekend, I will the focus on knitting with yarn and patterns that I enjoy and leave lace to others.

  3. Great colour socks, I've got a couple of projects, I've put in time out. X

  4. Exhaustive and disheveled? Yup, I can totally relate. Wish I had the energy to do a 12k run. Good for you!
    Love that color of Zauberball. I have a few different ones in my stash for emergency pick-me-ups. Almost as good as chocolates.

  5. The Zauberball socks look great.

    Right now my projects are fun and I'm loving all of them. Next week could be totally different. Depends on my mood, I guess.

    I have a 5K in May and I really need to start doing more than just thinking about it.

  6. omg...a 12k run? i'm hyperventilating just thinking about that. give me a good old knit----sprint to the finish anyday!!!

  7. You have soooo much on your plate ELlen. OMG IM tired reading it!
    12K run you are amazing.
    I love that swift….hahaha!

  8. wow you run? I didn't know that, or did I and I forgot....well good for you! Love the sock and that brand is so luscious!

  9. haha, I am definitely not a runner. I do like to walk/run events though. I try to do at least one 12k a year just 'cause.

  10. you're the sweetest! (and the busiest) you & jesse have me curious about zauberball & now i'm wanna knit with it too! hope your weekend has been relaxing~


  11. I've always got 8-10 WIPs going ... yeah. Right now I just finished a Baby Surprise Jacket and a Fish Lips Kiss heel ... neither frustrating :o) I like your sock idea - knit a pair for each season? I always want to knit more socks, but don't have time / desire for 1/month or things like that - 4 a year it totally doable! Now if I could finish up these Fall 2013 ones, hahahaha!

  12. be kind to yourself!!! I know you do so much in your home and for your family that you are not giving yourself credit for xx

    man, that finale was insane!