Monday, May 4, 2015

How'd that happen?

A good friend of mine in high school used to use that phrase for when stupid actions equaled stupid obvious results. I'd like to say it was only in observing other people in our high school society, but that would be a big fat lie. It was mostly observing others, and occasionally ourselves.

Anyways, back to the knitting ranch...

Well, I dunno if it's obvious how this happened.

But THIS happened. And I was early getting ready for work one morning -- showered, fresh faced and all (not cheery, I'm sorry, I'm not cheery in the morning) and then I picked up my to go knitting.

The Hermione socks. AKA Smart Girl Socks

The night before I had completed turning the heel and picking up half the stitches for the gusset. I was in the middle of knitting the pattern for the top of the foot when I realized I wouldn't have enough stitches to complete the pattern. This meant ... I was "missing" TWO stitches.

I can't figure out where that happened. I mean I can't see a dropped stitch, and I know I ended each needle on the right place for pattern repeats, so I'm thinking maybe I'd just need to rip it out to where I started the heel again. Hmm.

A nice person on Instagram mentioned I might be able to just not decrease 2 in the gusset on one side ... this  still feels lopsided and I don't see how I can get the pattern repeat right.

Ugh, I can't think about it.

So, I picked up this instead :)

Yeah, same pattern, but a different colorway and I'm magic looping instead. The pattern is written specifically for a magic looper. I did cut the cast on down to 60 from 64 since I didn't have a US 1 long enough and am using a US 1.5.

I'm getting a little gun shy as I prepare to make the hell I mean heel. I already had to back out about 12 rows in the pattern due to another mistake I kept perpetuating. I had a weird ribbed pattern on one half of my sock. This time I decided not to question "How'd that happen?" and just fix it.

Lastly I have these scrappy pieces. Leftover Wool-Ease Thick and Quick scraps and stash. I'm attempting a new pieced together blanket/throw. I figure working on pieces is kinda like working on blocks. Perhaps it is not my smartest knitting decision to work with Super Bulky weight yarn in the summer. Ah well, who knows what the weather will bring.


  1. i guessing that 2 stitches got knit together.....easy to do if you did a k1,s1 heel. :( (ask me how I know this!!!)

  2. It will just be one of the mysteries of knitting! Aren't we grateful we can rip out and knit it again at least! It is a pretty pattern! (In both colorways!)

  3. Well, I sure can't help you! I still haven't knit sox - lol. But love both colorways you are using.

  4. The blocks won't be so bad in the summer. It won't be like the whole blanket will be on your lap.

    I'm working on one in strips and it's not so bad. (We already HAVE summer temps here).

    Hope all goes well with the socks from now on. Tell them Dee said, "BEHAVE"!

  5. Youll be happier if you frog back to the heel turn.

    Love the yarn & the sock pattern you're using.

  6. Oh it's all tricky stuff isn't it. This is why I don't knit socks and things that involve counting and patterns and brain power! Hope it all works out in the end. CJ xx

  7. Clearly there isn't enough wine drinking going on at your place. I find a nice glass of Beaujolais helps me relax into the heel turns.....
    Hang in there Ellen. I love to hear that others aren't chipper in the morning
    I've always been a pm person. I actually become HAPPY at 3 pm.
    I have a really hard time knitting before 3 pm daily. Im shakey and the like.
    Go figure

  8. You might have knit a couple stitches together by accident. i do that all the time on the heel - purl a couple together, then my slipping on the knit row doesn't line up and I have to tink back

  9. Oh, no..... naughty sock. I do admire (covet) your doublepoints though. Having a set of those is on my bucket list. I was right there at their booth on Saturday but couldn't part with the cash....

  10. Where do the stitches go? They disappear on me all the time. I tend to fudge, as someone suggested you do. I figure that feet aren't symmetrical so socks don't have to be, either.

  11. Those dang socks! So simple and lovely...and yet, glad to know I'm not the only one they've tripped up! Love the yarns you're working them in!

  12. Oopsies! The texture of these socks are wonderful. The colors are terrific.

  13. I would decrease less on one side as well. I wonder what went wrong....Anyways the sock is beautiful :)

  14. Hmmmmm can't help with the sock situation but I can definitely say that everyone is stupid in high school.

  15. Hmmm. ..I hope you put those naughty socks in time out! That Hermione pattern is a nice one, and I need to dig it out to try, but first I'll have to see whether it promises to behave.

  16. It was the knitting Gods, they are to blame. See, you are absolved and can now look to them to fix it. OK, so maybe that's not gonna happen, but it's at least good to have someone to blame.

  17. Turning a heel is tricky business. I hope those Smart Girl socks get smarter soon and you get back on track with the stitch counts. I remember the first time I attempted a heel turn and ended up with a lopsided mess. I still have it in a bag somewhere too.

  18. I had that happen to me on the last sock I knit but I had well and truly dropped a couple stitches. I captured them and laddered up but the stitching looked tight and skewed so I ended up frogging back to before the place where my mind went numb.

    Your socks are beautiful. I like both the colors and the stitch pattern! Looking forward to seeing them finished.