Monday, April 27, 2015

The weekend recap

I really tried to slow my pace a little this weekend. I could feel myself tensing. I was prepping to do MORE and not less. I could feel little bubbles of anxiety that start with phrases like, "I should ..."

And then I got in touch with my sweatpants and said, "Nah."

When I got home from work on Friday, the boys and I went to the local market where they have food stalls and everyone picked out something to eat because I was too tired to cook. Then there was some baseball watching before I fell asleep on my knitting needles, ha!

I did manage some exercise Saturday morning before another Spring season soccer match. There was lunch and tea and board games with pals.

I didn't bake this weekend. I know, crazy right? I'll have you know, the soccer team won anyways. It wasn't pretty, but it wasn't ugly and  ... it was a win, and from all the little Muppet chatter it sounds like it was fun times.

We watched some playoff Warriors basketball. No knitting for that small time frame. Family friends came over for dinner such good company and well, we all need to eat, eh? Just simple eats -- roast chicken, scalloped potatoes and sauteed greens (spinach, kale and arugula) with garlic and bacon. Raspberries, whipped cream and chocolate pastries provided by our friends for dessert. Easy, simple, early with friends.

I knit a bit more before falling asleep in front of Midsommer Mysteries (Things that go bump in the night.) I was SO close to finding out who dunnit! ACK! I will have to scour the internet this evening for some closure  -- hopefully I won't fall asleep, again.

And yes, there appears a theme of me falling asleep early, in the middle of watching something on t.v. or ... well knitting. This wouldn't bother me so much, I have been very tired. However I wake up in the middle of the night almost every hour. If I were a comic book, there would be a question mark over my head.

This would not have been so bad except that I was getting up early to run the Across the Bridge 12k with my pal Alv. He's a really good guy and super fast runner. We met in gym class and have just some how managed to support each other's endeavors in passing. He mentioned he wanted to do a running event and we had been trying to meet up for coffee or brunch and here was an opportunity to do both. 

 It was nice to have a pal to wait in the queues with and chat and ride the shuttle over to the start line. However we run at very different paces and we just planned on meeting at the finish line with no pressure. I'm not very good at running with someone anyways. It makes me self conscious and I need to go at my own pace whatever that may be. The first photo is what the view was at the end.

This run was not my best, not only am I out of running shape (honestly I'm never in running shape, but you know at least I have more training before) but it basically proved to me that my shoes are dead. I had the worst blisters on the inside of my feet ever. I'm sad. I loved those shoes.

Awkward angle ...

But brunch was super tasty and fun. I think we'll try to do it again at some point this year.

I came home and after showering sort of had a pity party with my blisters on my bed. I just felt really tired, and sore and out of shape. I laid there and watched 2 episodes of the new season of Orphan Black. I love this creepy crazy show.

I finally pulled out the yarn and did the button thing for my 4T child sophisticate.

Not fantastic photos.

The Spring knitting mojo is still going ... I hope you found a good pace this weekend as well.


  1. I'm glad you had a great weekend-sometimes nothing is the best activity we can pick! The sweater is beautiful-excellent knitting!

  2. Congratulations on the run! I agree, it's wonderful to have a pal at the events.

    Love the sweater!

  3. Love your green sweater - so cute. I have some little nephews and nieces I should be knitting for....and congratulations on the run! Made me tired just reading about it - lol.

  4. congrats on the run, I could only walk so I'm impressed. Love your new sweater and it looks perfect :) I also enjoyed seeing you, "hello!!" as I wave to you :)

  5. Well no wonder you are tired with all that running! your picture is great.
    Love the sweater. Really it is awesome Ellen.
    weekend weather here was crappo !!! Im sick of the cold. We need some 70s. I think the forecasters are LYING to us about the weekend.
    I want 90s actually I do . I swear. Im so sick of closed windows!
    Oh,,,sorry about the rant.

  6. Cute green sweater! I love the way you take it easy--by running a 12k. I am living vicariously through you. lol. I also agree that watching Midsommer Murders is a great way to relax and fall asleep. I don't know what is it about that program that puts me out. It's exciting and relaxed at the same time.

  7. Nice work on the sweater and the race! Which bridge did you run across? Hope this coming weekend you will really take it easy!

  8. Nice work on the sweater and the race! Which bridge did you run across? Hope this coming weekend you will really take it easy!

  9. Whew....I need a nap just reading about all that you did! That sweaters is completely adorbs. Someone is going to love it.

  10. I love this idea of doing less instead of more on the weekends. I have to start thinking that way.
    Anyone who runs a race is a winner. Running is not for wimps!

  11. The run may not have been your best, but you RAN!!!

    I hate when my shoes wear out. Just about the time they get comfortable, the bottom starts breaking down and I have to start all over again. LOL Hope you find a pair that you love.

    The kid sweater is adorable. Congrats on a cute finish.

  12. Wow, just the thought of running one mile makes me want to take a nap, let alone 12k! My weekend consisted of lots and lots of food. Love the green toddler cardigan.

  13. Happy to hear that you are listening to your brain's warning alarm that things may be getting to be too much. Good on you for taking a step back and having a good time with friends and family.
    I love board games!!
    That little cardi is adorable. :)

  14. Cute, green cardi. Love those leather buttons. Damn, you go on the run. My little sis ran that sucker too. My oldest is training with Girls on the Run for her first 5K.

  15. You had a way, way too busy weekend! I thought you were going to rest. Yikes, I would be in the hospital if I had to do a run. I have had they craziest week at work and I am so TIRED I fell like I could fall asleep on my keyboard. Here is to an actual relaxing weekend, no long runs, okay?

  16. Lovely sweater! My hubby falls asleep on the couch all the time, then wakes up in the middle of the night. I try to stay up and keep busy doing something, but once I get past a certain time the night owl kicks in and sometimes I stay up WAAAYYYY to late :o)