Thursday, October 29, 2015


This is a detail of a striped thing has been one of the two beasts that I have been working on. Don't let the bulky weight yarn with US13 needles fool you. This blanket (Cast On 75 stitches) has not been a quick knit for me.

Life in the way of hobbies ... again.

It's okay, it's a good life. Perplexing and trying at times, but good.

The other beast still in progress is 340 stitches of Twinleaf shawl. I can't photo her right now, she's a big bulky mess. I have some concerns (based on late night stripe stitch counts) but I'm captain of this knit ship and I say, "Full Steam Ahead!" Give me a week. I'm hoping to finish. Hoping, not promising.

I'm knitting both of these as focused finishes for My Sister's Knitter Fall Knit along. I hope to knit a few more things, but eye on the beasts first!

Anyhow, here are a few other food/baking things I've been enjoying:

Thanks to this fun article, Food in Books in the Guardian, I've been enjoying the author's blog. I'm particularly fascinated by this post. It sends me back to reading about this very delicious sounding treat.

I'm thinking I need to do this almond butter flourless cookie recipe.

But I'm distracted by the idea of a Nutella Brownie Tart. Why hello there!

And I'm not sure why I've been looking at more than one gluten-free product at a time, since my household doesn't have a particular issue. But who cares about gluten if they chocolate cookie is chewy? I might project these this weekend.

Lastly, it was really interesting reading everyone's comments on audiobooks. Katherine's comment in particular was cracking me up:
I have a very simple problem with audiobooks--they put me to sleep. Yes, I can fall asleep standing up, cooking, and definitely knitting (sort of a dream state). I don't know what it is that does it, because I never fell asleep in school during lectures, but it is a sure thing that 10 minutes into an exciting book--zzzzzzzz. I have been trying to listen to 13 Hours In Benghazi but I am failing miserably.
Yes, Katherine, I've had a book or two that I had to let go, because it was giving me the sleepies. As if we don't have enough in life that makes us tired!

Some of you mentioned you prefer Podcasts. I admit, I struggle with these more. The only ones I seem to truly enjoy are about soccer. Funny, right?

I've been checking the audiobooks out with an app called Axis 360. It's not the best, but it gets the job done and seems to work well on Wi-fi. I can't really figure out "where" I am in an overall book, just a chapter, which seems to be more of a grouping not necessarily an actual book chapter and though some users have complained about the bookmarking tool, I have good success rate if I pause first then immediately bookmark. I have not yet used the other app my local library uses, but not having to go into a library to do this is magical I can checkout books using my online account on the computer or on my iPhone. But I do love my new library branch. :) Swoon.

Lastly, despite my love of the holiday spirit. I've decided I'm boycotting Halloween this year. No particular motivation, literally. I just don't feel like dressing up and I don't feel social like that, so ha! But this does not mean I don't think others shouldn't enjoy themselves nor am I looking down upon those that are going to be up to their pumpkin guts in candy and costumes. Enjoy the sweet and enjoy the scary!

Pumpkin spice and everything nice to you and yours :)


  1. Blankets do come along quite slowly don't they. I've messed mine up - did too many plain rows before the stripe, but as I'm captain of that ship as well I'm pressing on regardless. It takes quite some dedication to mess up a plain stocking stitch oblong. I like the look of the blog you mention, I shall go and have a proper read. Have a good weekend Ellen. CJ xx

  2. I do love those stripes! Stripes and polka dots do it for me every time.

    I'm glad for the sake of kiddos that Halloween is on a Saturday this year.

  3. knitting in bulky is a chore for me, I'd rather have a million tiny stitches instead. Love the colors in your blanket!!

  4. Needles over size 10 always feel like clubs in my hands, which makes knitting progress slow.

    I've boycotted Halloween for years and haven't looked back.

  5. I love that you use 'project' as a verb--I'm going to project that! Stealing that from you!

  6. I love food blogs! Sadly I just don't have as much computer time to keep up with it all.

    I never could get into podcasts.

  7. Wishing you an extra hour of SLEEP!!!!!
    Will have to check out the foodie blog and send to AL as well.
    I love Halloween enough for all of the world! No pressure.
    garter in biggy that's scary to me

  8. Love the unbabyish colors you're using on the crib blanket! I've done a couple baby blankets and can't imagine doing anything larger..... Have a good weekend, Halloween or no.

  9. While bulky yarn knits up faster, handling those fat needles is a slower process and works your hands more. So I understand the plodding progress on your blanket. Do be vocal on how those recipes come out. I haven't tried a dairy free or gluten free recipe yet. I always wonder how they taste. I know brown rice pasta is chewier. Miss you girl. Sending you a hug just because.

  10. Love the colors in your project. Reminds me of the beach!! Maybe it's because we just painted our condo those three shades. LOL

  11. I'm a bit bogged down in a knit banner, too, so I sympathize. Stitch by stitch everything gets done. I enjoy podcasts: it's nice to hear others journeys while I knit our spin. Spend your time on your priorities when you can ; it's a good way to be content

  12. still looking for my costume...apparently the grand-boys aren't trick or treating this year, but handing out candy, so Grandpa and I are trick or treating to their house. Grandpa always wears his Dilbert mask, so it won't be any I've downsized my wardrobe so much I'm going to be hardpressed to find something. I'll probably have to put flowers in my hair and wear one of my long hippie dresses----but of course, this was a look that I really WORE; I hate calling it a costume now!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cozy stripes!
    I had to laugh at the audiobook tale of woe because I have a few that I use just for that reason. I listen at night on my Kindle Fire and I tuck it under my pillow and let the book put me to sleep. Works like a charm-and I get crazy dreams.
    Happy Halloween!

  14. Oh, Ellen, you are evil. A Nutella Brownie Torte? Really? How am I supposed to stay away from sugary foods? I might have to make that for T-giving; I did bookmark the recipe.

    I loved your post on Audiobooks. I loved Girl on the Train too, but could not get through Whistling. I think I'm the only knitter who didn't like that one!

    I am also knitting some monsters. Thank goodness for PBS!

    And we skipped Halloween this year, too. No reason.

  15. Stripey garter yumminess. Yes, please let us know how these new recipes are baking up if you try them. Fall always brings out the baking mojo around here.

  16. I used to dislike garter stitch ... now I love it. Ive designed a blanket and 4 (2 published so far) shawls. Nutella brownie tart sounds amazing!! I love audio books and listen to them all the time while knitting or spinning. And pod casts, usually video (and I have a knitting pod cast/video myself too!)