Monday, September 12, 2016

Kathy B.'s Monday Q&A

I've been struggling to get a post up and out because I have been way too up my own butt with work and personal. I'm okay everyone's okay I'm just trying not to keep writing I'm busy. I have a million things to say, but I feel self conscious. I've been struggling to find my voice for a post, so why not just borrow someone else's? ;)

Kathy B's Q&A is such a great way to get me back posting and feel reconnected. Here we go! (and thanks Kathy B. for being you and keeping a positive vibe out there going...)

Would you rather have someone sit by you and teach you a knit skill, or watch something on you tube and learn?
I'd rather have someone show me. I'll settle for the Youtubes, but I'm old school, as long as it's someone I like.

What is the largest number of stitches you have ever had on a circular needle at one time?
I want to say something like 360? That twin leaf shawl thing was really really long...

Would you rather learn falconry or swim with a dolphin?
I'd rather swim with a dolphin, but no touching.

Coffeecake or cheesecake?
Oh coffee cake! I love to make them and eat them. My love of cheesecake sort of dissolved when I started making them. Though I am due to make one soon. (I try for once or twice a year, since it's such a crowd pleaser.)

Bacon or sausage?
What kind of torture question is this? I'm a meat eater. I believe in the business of bacon, we sometimes cut once slice to jazz up some braised greens or veggies. But sausage is so versatile as well. I can't decide. BOTH.

Do you use any solar energy? 
No, we don't own our apartment and we don't have any gear that's solar either.

Witchypoorides again or Henpecked.? (Blue Moon Sock Yarns)
I'm going with Witchy poo rides! Such fun colors and I am all for fun socks :) Oh heck who are we fooling, I'm for all kinds of socks.

How much does a wool cycling jersey cost today?
Dunno, but I had to look ... cheaper than making one!

What handknit gifts get the most usage per year, in your family?
Hats and handwarmers. My sister still wears a scarf or 2 I knit for her.

Apple butter or applesauce?
Pork chops and apple sauce. Hmm. I haven't had apple butter in a really really long time.


  1. Oh boy, that bacon or sausage question had me sweating! Gotta agree with your answer :)
    Hmmm, although it's still summer-like here, I've been craving fall dishes like pork chops & apple sauce. Might have to cave in & make it this Sunday.

  2. Pork chops and applesauce seems to be the favorite of a lot of folks. Here it is pork chops (or roast) with sauerkraut and potatoes with applesauce as a side dish.

  3. Nice to hear from you! Don't worry about the 'writer's block'; it happens.

  4. Great to hear from you. I always say just start again and dont fill us in on everything you weren't comfortable posting before. We pick up where you pick it up! Love your answers. Witchypoo is way ahead in our polls

  5. Love your answers. I'm a sausage fan, too.

    No pressure on the blog posts. Don't have time to write, post a photo of something from your day (files piled on the desk, your front door, slippers by the bed) and call it good.

  6. Great answers and even better to hear from you again. Sometimes we all need a little time away.

  7. I'm in a blog slump too. I'm busy but not doing anything anyone would want to read about.

  8. Glad you managed to beat the rut and write ♥

  9. We are here when you need us my friend, no struggles okay?

  10. Nice to see you:) I've been struggling with my blog too. It's hard to come back and feel like you have something to contribute. I've sort of lost my voice. Just keep posting I guess:)

  11. Great way to beat the writers blah. Loved your answers!!

  12. glad you are well and I hope it gets less busy at work and your personal life so you can breathe and write whatever you want!

  13. Fun answers, Ellen. I am finally back to reading blogs as we were gone for 10 days. Hope things have settled down your way as I enjoy reading your posts!