Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knot Again. Knot Now. No.

I went to get D-LUX pedicure with Lu last night after work. She wasn't even at work in the afternoon, and she still was willing to come down to meet me. What a gal! What a pal!

The salon was packed, but we had our chatter and our yarn. Really mellow relaxing time, and she had me laughing. The one that has stuck w/me ...

On her committment issues, "So I say to my sister after she announces her engagement, 'Really? Why would you want to do that? That's like volunteering to eat only vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life. Everytime you walk into the ice cream store, you're surrounded by all these flavors. But now, you only order vanilla."


Okay see -- I didn't get straight to the complaining.

I waited to mention how despite, being soaked, massaged, rubbed, exfoliated and parafin waxed I still can't get a little splinter out my heel.

I waited to mention how when we got our feet waxed we both yelped at how hot it is. And before that as we waited for our polish to dry a little we were admiring my progress on the sweater, when we realized ... I put the hand pouch ... on the back side instead of the front side of the sweater.

We realized I had knit approximately 3 inches ... to frog or backout.

I can't think about it now.


To make matters worse, I'm missing a pair of knitting needles, US 5 16". I discovered this when I tried to salvage the evening knitting with some work on my hat for the good girl. Yes the All Day Beret that needs to be frogged because I knit the yarnovers in a way that did not create a holey effect. Damnit.



Yeah laborday weekend is coming. I must say ... I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to knitting for once. I feel scarred today.

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