Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Hot Pockets! Christmas is really close!

I got through the end of last week's deadlines a little rough, but OK.

I have since had a chance to raise a glass of holiday cheer with some lovely friends, and have a sentimental dinner with my dear husband, host The Kid's best pal, and trim the tree.

Gift knitting makes slow progress since it appears (as with all aspects of my life) I must make a a multitude of mistakes before i can grasp completion. Two examples:

1) The modified Mothed sweater. I did not include the eyelet sleeves, just good old fashioned bell sleeves 17" long instead of 18". I thought I was on a roll, until I realized I was going to be almost 4" short when I was binding off for the 2nd sleeve. I had to pull back the first sleeve. Now I have a modified Moth with 3/4 sleeves. Really it's fine.

2) The log pillows are angry with me. The yarn is angry, one US 15 double-point needle splintered in anger at me and the knitted caps were a complete bust. I told myself I needed to channel the generations before and try and crochet the caps. At least I finished the body of the pillows right? I'm down to my final week. Well, after tearing apart my knitting notions again... I realize I do not own an "I" crochet hook anymore.

One more thing to procure during these spendy days with stingy time.

I had not planned on giving the adults anything more than "hostess gifts" this year like I always do. However my Aunt suggested we get my father a Chicago Beef Sandwich kit and it was too good of an idea to forgo. He is difficult to get things for on a good day, so this seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and easy. The problem is I'm now having absolute guilt about not getting other people (the other set of parents and in-laws) something specific. However where we are now, will seriously crush the budget and I'm up against the timeline. I also worry it will set a precedent. I like having Christmas be about the kids and the sparkle and the eats and the small friend treats (hey I'm rhyming I feel some holiday happy coming on!) Everything else, is just painful.

It appears that the Man Friend and I have had a miscommunication over the menu for Christmas Eve and we have both decided to reassess the situation. We will naturally keep things tasty, but we need to be honest about how much work we are taking on, and what if anything has the potential to make prep too stressful to enjoy the day.

Bah, we always have Christmas Day to enjoy and fart around on slow mo.

Also it appears that we have not solidified plans for going anywhere next week. I know, we are unbelievable we really are. I was willing to book it out, but then over dinner on Saturday he tells me, "Well, I'm not sure when the contractors are coming to the restaurant now."

Oh really?

Whatever, it will be a week off of school / work together. I'm sure it will all be dandy like candy. I'd rather have my moments of "Now what?" peppered with what are we going to do with this wonderful time we have together vs. "Now (TF) What?!?" As in what the hell is going on now?" or "What the Jane Austen should I be doing next?"

Well, the days and nights are running out about as fast as my kid's patience. I better hop to it. As of today, I'm going to dwell on the positive. I gave into the holidays "excuse". My December has been to whiny. No more of that. I'm going to roll-back to November a bit. A more thankful time. See you on the sunshine side...

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