Thursday, December 8, 2011

Off Kilter Again

If one thing you can count on me for, it's having awkward moments.

Often I am just a wild child and like to repeat my mistakes. You know, perfecting awkwardness is awesome.

Sometimes I just feel off kilter and don't know why.

Today I know why. My clothes, my outfit are not right. My crotch on my pants seem really low, like the pants are stretched out, and so now I'm having awkward alignment between my underwear and my jeans. My jeans for the record are not stretched out, b/c they have been just washed and dried. So this is not a case of the repeat wear = stretch out equation.

Also, half for warmth and half for conservative mother voice in the back of my head, I wore a tank top underneath my knit shirt. The knit shirt is sort of like a nice lightweight version of a Jr's sweatshirt. (Don't ask me why I'm wearing it in a fashion sense.) It's comfortable. Okay but today it's not comfortable.

Again the alignment of the shirt and the tank top are askew and I am pulling up my pants and down my shirts and really it's just fussy feeling.

Why am I wearing this atrocity? Because just how I tell my son, to not rush, but to make proper choices. I didn't listen to my own jawing. I was late, I was rushing, I needed to be clothed when we hailed yet another taxi to try and get to school on time. The choice was PUT IT ON or PUT IT ON. I went with the latter.

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