Monday, December 5, 2011

Letting the dork shine through ...

Alright I admit I own 2 sets of Harry Potter DVDs.

1) The original issued
2) The Blue Ray version

Yet every time they are on T.V. as in the case with this weekend. The Kid and I end up watching at least one ... with commercials. We dupe The Manfriend into going along with this, because there are cut scenes reinserted into the movie. Not deleted extras on the side, but IN the middle of the movie! (And yes, I'm completely prepared to shell out more money for the next set of dvds which include these extended scenes. I did it for Lord of the Rings, I'll do it Harry.)

And while Ron & Harry were having a chat in their bedroom at Hogwarts, I spotted Ronald Weasley's homemade knit quilt. I said aloud, "I love that blanket. One day I'll make one like that." My lovely son, did not snicker or mock me, but smiled. Ahh.

Then today of course I see in the "Top 20" patterns on Ravelry -- I visited the knitting designer's blog and am happy to see her self-aware obsession. I'm so impressed.

I imagined smaller squares, but that would take even longer eh? And I'm not sure now, were they smaller or larger? Hmm, I suppose I'll have to check the movie ... again.

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