Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rolling your eyes at the plan

The weekend wasn't quite what I anticipated ... but it all worked itself out.

Be proud of me, I remained calm, with the exception of the season finale of Downton Abbey. I think I was sighing and talking to the t.v. so much poor Manfriend just went to bed.

I got out of a meeting at 4:30 on Friday (those are tough ones) to a phone call from The Manfriend letting me know it appears our son has a case of the stomach sicks and he would be bringing him back from Pt. Reyes (at the grandparents) in an hour or so.

So this uncomplicated the weekend. Keep him comfortable and get him healthy. A focused goal that works for all.

It actually could've been a lot worse. We spent some quality time together and he was even able to help pick up around the house and his room a little.

Stomach cramps aside, it was some good Mother & Son time. I washed floors, and do laundry. We would read War Horse and watch movies.

We asked him about the 5k. Dad would stay home if he didn't feel well enough, but he was fine. In fact we knew he was on the mend when after he ran he asked if we could go to dim sum instead of driving home.

So here we are!

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