Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An extra day off

I took Monday off after The Kid's ultimate sleepover birthday party. I knew I would be exhausted.

I was right. I did so many dishes my knuckles were cracked and bleeding.
I thought, that with the pick-up done on Sunday, I could enjoy some knitting time in a quiet house with investigating detectives and autopsies on t.v. (in the MIDDLE of the day), snacks and possibly a few errands. My possibilities were dreamy.
I didn't realize the Man Friend had the day off as well. Well, that's fine, we're pretty independent of each other in theory.

The alarm went off and I decided I could not hog the day or the sleep in. We took the kid up to school as a family and enjoyed a leisurely walk from the Castro down Market street, up through Civic Center into Tenderloin. Originally I wanted pancakes, mini Swedish pancakes with a circle of sausage at Sear's. However he had breakfast food earlier that week and wanted something else. Something else meant Pho Vietnamese soup at Turtle Tower which was great and less stones in my stomach inducing. It was definitely a warm and soothing way to begin our day. It's never as good take-out either. We stopped for "Mom coffee" on the way home which is very high maintenance of me (a Starbucks' Vanilla Latte w/half the syrup) but was not criticized and did not criticize myself knowing it was a treat kind of day.

And then ... all bets were off. He read, I turned on the t.v. and pulled out Lo's cowl to finish up. "Wow you watch tv during the day? I never watch t.v. during the day." (Ignore him the good angel said. Tell him to shut his pie hole the bad angel said.)

Our flat is really cold, so I saw him go into the bedroom ... to nap, er read. I got on the computer to take care of some financial stuff and other chorey stuff, and then I figured I would get into bed and knit too. Maybe work on a blanket and use it as an extra blanket. The problem was I ended up being on the computer for over an hour. At some point he put on 13 Assassins this violent Samurai movie that is WAY worse than watching CSI in the middle of the day ;). Not that I care what he watches. But then I yelled at the computer that I am not taking a day off to work on the computer and yelled at it again and then started knitting.

He took a nap.

And I was stuck watching decapitation and jungle short cuts. I woke him up and asked him to work the Netflix so I could watch what I wanted. He slept another hour ... at least.

So jealous. I can't sleep during the day unless I'm really sick or I didn't really get up in the morning. Otherwise I just lay there like a floppy teenager.

I knit for a little bit and finally peel myself  out of the warm blankets to tidy up. We had company coming that evening, and dishes needed to be washed, floors swept and meats marinaded. Oh yeah, and someone needed to pick up The Kid from school.

He did. In that one hour he was gone, I weaved in some ends, stitched up HM's old log pillow and stuffed it, and worked a few rows of a blanket. Walk, Soup, Non obligational talk, Sleep (okay, lay there), Knit, Early Kid pick-up, Easy Old Friend's dinner. It went by so much faster than I thought it would for such a relaxed pace. But it was definitely what I needed. Can't wait to do it again.

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