Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Peanut Gallery

I'm the gallery, and I'm throwing peanuts. This post is a running commentary somewhere between last week and the weekend. It's a hot mess, I'm a hot mess. But it's all OK.

I wish I had knitting progress, but I'm working on fixing a piece of lace, waiting to cast on a new piece of lace  and I've got a pilot blanket at the side of the bed, waiting. My knitting world is a little messy right now. Hopefully things will get sorted this week or upcoming weekend, or at least one piece will.
Confirmed: I am carrying my yarn around more than I'm knitting it.

The other night there was no exercise or knitting because the boys took me out to an early birthday dinner at Central Kitchen. Such a pretty space. A Sister restaurant to Flour + Water which we all really loved. Central Kitchen was good, even though it didn't knock me off my socks. I would go back again after it has aged a little. I also understand the style more so I think I would know what to expect (which I liked).

Faves: The radishes with trotter, Ricotta and Herb dumplings, The Hen was really a lot of interesting flavors, super tender.
radishes & trotter

the hen - sorry for the blurriness
Cons: The Halibut. I dunno. Just didn't like it, strong citrus dust, and the texture was like it was overcooked, but I'm not expert.

Confirmed: I'm not really a grilled squid girl. Though I liked the octopus mixed with the chickpeas on the side of the halibut. That was lovely. Funny right?

The Kid ate too much during his post tennis camp activities with his Dad and Little Yo. Apparently after having tea and cookies at The Japanese Tea Garden, they persuaded him to get bubblegum ice cream at Joe's Ice Cream. (excuse the yelp link, but I think their site is down).

Apparently this ice cream pushed The Kid over the edge, especially unfamiliar with this flavor (I wonder if he had a Mesna moment and swallowed the gum?), and after a few trips to the restroom during dinner, it was gingerale, water, and bread for him. He tried a few things, but one could tell, he was taking one for the team.

I had asked him earlier if he wanted just to go home, but he said no. I think he was worried about disappointing me? Which is silly. Restaurant dining is like a family event. We are fortunate to do it with great regularity.

Regardless, I think some Tintin comic books with gingerale, allowed me to feel safe. That and no whining.

Anyhow, the next day he was cheery and bright  with no ailments, ready for camp.

The bus and it's people were stinky on the way back to work.
Confirmed: I don't like stinky cramped bus rides.

Despite having multiple things in progress on the kneedles and already committed to casting on something else new. I like THIS.
Confirmed: I have a wandering pattern/knitting eye.

Saturday during the day, I met up with my sister in law and niece and well got our nails done. Well, not the Kid. He read patiently and played on the iTouch. We went to lunch and just had a simple, but connected time. Sometimes our husband who work together a lot, don't spend much down time together, but it's us who miss out. I'm so lucky that I'm attached to great, nice people. My niece is growing up, and I want her to not just do things, because we're family, but because there is a connection to her family. Anyhow, here are our toes...

princess the only girl in the family!

That evening, I went out to one function I drank a little too much, was feeling social and met up with with my pal and occasional partner in crime -- we went dancing ?!? I may have lost some dignity but acknowledged my latest mini midlife crisis and had a lot of fun. I also managed to keep my Manfriend abreast of my itinerary. I made it home L A T E, but safe and reminded myself to water and advil after my shower and before bed, so that I wasn't completely miserable for our 4 hour canoe trip the next day at the Russian River.
Confirmed: Still an idiot.
pose!. thx for coming out to play little snoops! i will always be your dancing dork!
Canoeing on Sunday was a blast. We met up with another family who were staying up there for the week and paddled down together. Thankfully I'm photoless of that. The fresh air was grand. It wasn't warm and sunny at all, but I got a new floppy hat anyways to avoid the sun and feel summery. It was wholesome family time, which I direly needed (obviously). We all came home in a great mood, dirty (how one day at the rive can generate so much laundry is really impressive), and exhausted. No knitting ... again! We ate Chinese food and watched basic cable together. The Kid must've said 4 times, how much fun that was.

Confirmed: I would've been miserable if it was hot. 


  1. You are so fun dancing. And everyone you befriended felt the same. Let's do that again.

  2. Good food, good friends & fun! what more could a girl ask for?
    (except for the sick kid part) love a good canoe trip!

    have a great week~


  3. Those confirmed lines had me smiling a few times :) So many exciting, funny things to blog about!

  4. OMGosh, you are too cute! Love how you go out and get your toes did and hang out with your partner-in-crime and partay. Love how you know how to eat!
    Lace? Oh boy, it usually takes me third time's the charm to get into the pattern rhythm. A blanket project too? I'm still pushing through my niece's. Almost done but I always get anxious after 2 ft. I'm adding you to my blog roll.

  5. ELLEN

    GREAT TOES. how old is this one who took one for the team?? SOunds like an amazing young person to me!!!! Mine would have begged to go home....

    I love to canoe/kayak. You are a busy busy one! Life is there for the taking; the knitting will be there when you are ready to perch for a bit~!

  6. Ps THe Baby poncho isn't for anyone in particluar rush . Good thing because tis so hard on the hands and wrists!~

  7. Oh you and I must do a KAL on that Rhea Silvia. I think I have Madtosh in stash too. Love the texture of the cowl and the little twists look like the ones in the Woolly Wormhead Mystery KAL hat that I made this spring!
    As for the dancing, it makes you forget your aches, pains and complaints doesn't it? I need partner in crime....