Monday, June 3, 2013

Small Things

On Saturday, Mrs. B and Mrs. Canada along with another hostess held a lovely tea party baby shower for a mutual friend. The tables were laden with lovely items. Smoked Salmon, Cheese platter, tea sandwiches, cookies of all sorts (a few kinds contributed by me!). Mrs. B. baked the dreamiest scones served with clotted cream and strawberry preserves (swoon city!) and there was Pimm's punch, lemonade, and bubbly.

It was beautiful day in the city to sit outside and laugh.

For the mother, we picked something practical from the registry. I know this baby came after most of the elder children's gear was long gone, and I love a moment to be decisively practical.

But! Babies mean a chance to test my small people knitting skills. The father is a professor, and this seemed a fitting pattern for a little boy.

To sew on the patches and the buttons, I think it took me about as long as it took me to knit the body of the sweater. The patches are made with felt and I used embroidery floss to stitch it. I am not sure how secure they will be, but it should be Okay.  I still think the alignment is kind of wonky. Always and forever room for improvement.

Anyhow, it's a done deal folks.


  1. That sweater is absolutely adorable! Love the elbow patches.

  2. The tea party looked like it was a huge success ... and is your adorable sweater!

  3. What a great personal gift!! ! Great knit up Ellen! I love clotted cream

  4. so sweet & thoughtful that little sweater is! and the food for the shower...yum!