Friday, October 25, 2013

Matching Finished Objects

This is my Stripe Cocoon. It is inspired by Andi's hat and anything that can use up those leftover balls of yarn in an ever growing stash :) I also knit it for MySistersKnitter KAL and Knitspiring Odyssey's Beanie Along With Me.

I was a little unsure of the gauge and tension of the broken rib stitch on this project. The yarn is a worsted, heavy worsted, (maybe) in my opinion. Ravelry defines the yarn as bulky, hmmm. Anyhow, I did not modify the needle size or stitch counts, and it seemed to turn out. I was already wondering what other yarn I had that I could try this pattern again when ...

I realized, it's even prettier on the "wrong" side.

I think I'm going to block it. I know, crazy pants.

And look I knit a coffee sleeve from my leftover yarn. It was a prototype for some soccer team ones I want to make later.

Finished project takeaways:
My head is ginormous and I must always knit bigger / longer than a pattern dictates if I ever want to make a hat for myself.


  1. It's cute! Thanks for the pattern link, I am always looking for a new hat pattern to try.

    The coffee sleeve looks great. Did you decrease on one side to allow for the taper or was it knit in the round?

    1. Hi Nancy, I didn't do a decrease, I think using the 2x2 rib stitch at the beginning and the end makes up for this. I cast on 32 I believe.

  2. Oh my gravy! This beanie kicks a**! The colors are like shells on the sand, worn down from the ocean.

  3. I love it, great job and look at all you have done to use up that beautiful yarn.

  4. My head is apparently bigger than the average head as well - I do love the "wrong" side of that hat!

  5. The hat is lovely, I usually stick to worsted or skinnier, however I do love that yarn you used!!

  6. I LOVE it inside out. SO fabulous!

  7. You're so funny! Your head doesn't look "enormous".