Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to the real world, but I'm definitely in summertime mode

Re-entry to work was not too bad. I admit I was not at full speed. I managed to be late a few minutes and still forgot my headphones. I'm like a teenager where I need some secondary stimulation to work "in the zone." You know, like knitting with the t.v. on or an audiobook...

Anyhow today was also the first day of soccer camp for The Kid, so you know I was worried about getting him ready for his ride (which was coming after I left the apartment). He was fine, but I was still fussing. I actually went back to the apartment after a block away to confirm he packed a water bottle (it's a warm day) and I was secretly glad he hadn't so I had a reason to validate my sMothering.

The Manfriend and I both agreed our week at the Russian River was a success. We enjoyed it, we are not going to get divorced, we still like children ours, as well as others. We were active with some canoeing, swimming and hiking, and we were lazy loungers with knitting, video gaming and movie watching and reading. Lots of card playing. I might have a Rummy 500 problem. More than once I grilled a few 11 and 12 year olds on their "point totals". I concede these children probably have better math skills than me. :)

While at the river, I showed you we cooked a lot, I baked a lot. I tried to make homemade things that even if they were sweet, were at least, made with stuff that wasn't too manufactured. I really didn't eat much of it. Somehow I don't really indulge in my own baked goods that much, except for really large chocolate chip cookies. I kind of want to make out with them. They make excellent "bread" for ice cream sandwiches. swoon. I'll have to do that ... soon. 

Oh wait where was I in the ramble?

But now, I am back in "the real world" of responsibilities and other people not wearing beachesque gear, I have a bit of a tan. I wore a dress and espadrilles to work. I have fully embraced summer.

However all I can think about is ice cream and junk food. Ugh! I know right? What's wrong with me? Hot weather and fatty foods are a big no no! Even if you're a skinny minnie that stuff can make you feel heavier and more bloated than you are. 

I'm so conflicted! As I was walking out at lunch, I caught myself thinking about trying to lap swim a bit this summer and then I also thought, a frapuccino with whipped cream and chocolate sauce would be like celebrating my birthday at lunchtime. I thought it would be okay if I just had that for lunch. (but technically I ate my lunch before lunch time so you know, it wasn't as if I was forgoing anything, ha!)

Now I explain this to you, because it's not really a healthy eating tirade, mindful of moderation. blah bitty blah. I'm not going to boss anyone around that. Crap, I can't even boss myself around on that, obviously. I think what is interesting here is that I so clearly associate summertime with junk food. 

I actually read a review for Smoreos. Did you know this? This is a thing? Smore flavored Oreos? Now there are two sets of people. One who are pretty grossed out about this and probably not huge packaged foods/Oreo people anyhow, and that's okay. And then there are the other half, that are like me and known to dabble in the, "I know that sounds crazy but I think i have to try it." sphere.

Color me crazy. I'm going to sneak a try this week. I will bring them to the office so I can see how my co-workers feel about it. I live with 2 people that are in the "pretty grossed out" category, so they would go to waste at home.

Next up, moving on from my appetite for destruction to my appetite for construction (Guns n' Roses -- anyone? anyone?) I will show some knitting this week. I've got a cast cozy I made for a friend of mine who broke her foot. I also finished knitting Henry's Sweater, which requires some button sewing and blocking before I post on it. It's doing the edge curling thing that makes me twitchy when I look at it. I swear, it better block out! Also I managed to cast on for Twinleaf

It's sMiles of garter stitch and shaping up to be a relaxing summer knit. But I think I'm only half way on the border right now, so it's early days.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of June whether you're knitting, eating junk food or going for your 10k steps. Be happy in hearts and minds.


  1. Not in the Oreo camp, but i saw a great idea for a dip. Choco chips in casserole, top with marshmellows, stick in oven and bake until browned and then serve with grahams!

  2. Mmmmmm.....cookies, ice cream, frapuccinos. I'll have sweet dreams tonight. Btw: Pup and I finished off the ice cream stash tonight. I can't not have my daily scoop. Pup gets to lick the lid.

  3. Guns n' Roses, yes, saw them at a rock festival once. Brilliant. I know what you mean about summer and junk food. I absolutely have to have chips at the beach (when I say chips I mean French Fries, but fatter). Sea air, fat, salt. The perfect combo. I'm knitting a blanket at the moment that is miles of stocking stitch. One row takes about seven minutes. But it's so easy, even I hardly go wrong at all. Except at the beginning when I knitted about an inch of it and realised that I was using the wrong needles (two sizes too small). But now I'm on a roll and it's all going swimmingly. Enjoy the rest of the week Ellen. CJ xx

  4. I roller coaster ride over is a love/hate relationship.
    Summer and knitting go best (unless it's Fall, or Spring or Winter...)

  5. Loved your vacation pics -- beautiful. Hmmm, yes junk food definitely in summer. I'm with you in that I don't eat much of my own baked stuff...but if someone else makes it? A totally different story. It's only 8:40 a.m. here and I've had my yogurt. Now I keep thinking of salted caramel ice cream or better yet, a Buster Bar from Dairy Queen. Luckily I'm at work and can't get out....

  6. glad you had a fun vacation and you slipped into the real world effortlessly. I have been thinking about dairy free ice cream, and I'm going to buy some today.

  7. Hmm, it's hard to beat a Double Stuff Oreo, so I would pass on the S'more ones. The thought of them doesn't gross me out, it just doesn't appeal to me.

    Summer is gradually arriving now that the sky is no longer overcast and dripping, so summer attire will come out of the closet. I love casual summer wear!

  8. it sounds pretty much what I expect next week with our trip to the beach!!! (and all the bad food choices, even though my DIL will be along and she's a health-nazi; guarantee I will NOT be doing those smoreo-things...smores make me gag); and twinleaf!!! I forgot to pack my twinleaf!!!!!! Must add to the pile!

  9. You make me laugh. !!!! Serisouly I have to shoot for more fun in my posts.
    You've inspried me. I'm in the must try that oreo cookies dessert camp.
    I've GOT to get that mug: CoffeebeforeTalkie!
    We need funny. I may go rewrite my post now.

  10. I need secondary stimulation to help me focus on my work too. If I don't have music, I'm all over the place.
    I'd probably need tertiary stimulation to get through miles of garter stitch! I give big kudos to people who can do it!

  11. Hmmm Smoreos and frapuccino with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Now I won't be able to think of anything else all afternoon! I walked this morning and I so, so need to be careful what I eat this summer!! Having said that I have to go check the Lava Cake I have in the crockpot. Tomorrow is another day. Welcome home!

  12. I think I'm in the no S'Moreo camp. On the other hand .....I'm one of those non-processed, crunchy-granola types. LOL

    Glad you had such a wonderful vacation. Sounds like maybe you need to do it again, just to make sure you had a good time, you know. ;-)

  13. My tween wanted Oreos when we were at Costco, but I wouldn't let her. I was going to pick up Trader Joe O's but I forgot. Another day. I think anything tasting like Smores would be hella good! Glad you had fun on your river holiday.

  14. Hmmmm.... I think you should eat anything that makes you happy, well in moderation anyway. To me there is nothing like the first potato chip out of the bag, yum! Love your new project.

  15. Sounds like you had a great vacation! I'd love to see the Russian River at this time of year. Great coffee cup, too.

  16. I would totally go for those s'moreos! Putting it on my grocery list. Your trip sounded like a fun time, although cooking that much while on vacation would make me grumpy.

  17. UUggh, my comment disappeared when I clicked post ...

  18. I was saying ... sounds like a lovely vacation! I did see s'moreos and then forgot about them until you mentioned them. Definitely need to try those out. And I said I need your coffee mug!