Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Brown and a little Bulky

No, this is not some of my trademark self deprecating humor, it's my finished cardigan.

I fixed the edging and it worked out well.

The hood is a cute touch and functional.

However, I still don't like the garter stitch upper body. It adds a bulk and block to my upper body I do not need.

Also the yarn is too dark for the gentle lace. That said, I'd knit it again 😜. In gray without the garter. Maybe this winter?

I'm in the country --river side this week, so hopefully between cooking for everyone there will be some knitting and more posts. Jesse is probably sad for me out in the knitting universe since it appears I've left my kindle at home ... More knitting!


  1. Nice job on the sweater. I can see how the garter would add bulk at the shoulders and bust.

    Enjoy your holiday and your knitting time.

  2. I love it. It looks like something that would be perfect for a cool fall day. It looks like a big brown hug.

  3. i love it! it looks comfy, cozy & warm! xo

  4. Oh Ellen, I LOVE it. Garter would add bulk though, I never really thought of that part.
    Oh I hope you get to knit by the river!
    Enjoy the scenery! hope you see some wildlife

  5. I love your finished sweater and I love the ideas for your second time around one. Looks cozy warm and a great color!

  6. It's lovely, exactly the sort of cardigan I need I think. Especially today, the first of June and it's like winter here. I was actually thinking about knitting a nice thick cardigan earlier on. CJ xx

  7. How lovely! I know what you mean about the garter stitch on the yoke of a sweater; it gives me added bulk I don't want but I feel it more than it shows! You will look awesome in this hoodie!

  8. It's cute! But I agree about garter on the upper body - and I have narrow shoulders. But I can't resist a warm cardi with a hood!

  9. That looks like a good useful sweater though. That's one you could throw on just about any time with anything you wear. Good job on it!

    Have a good time on vacation! :-)

  10. I think it is gorgeous, the color is so yummy and chocolate like. I like the garter stitch as it adds definition, I think you will use this all the time in cool weather.

  11. It turned out lovely! Looks like a very wearable and cozy cardi.