Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Finish FYI: I still loathe sewing buttons on.

So my friends, I managed to sew some buttons on The Henry Sweater.

I've been telling everyone and anyone who will listen I am not sure how I feel about the double-breasted look and functionality. Feels kinda fussy for a small gassy person.

I do love the old man look of it.

Shaking your fist at the kids to get off your porch pose ...

Ellen the Knitter, lovin' the old man look since the 70s

I think I actually wanted to knit something different with this yarn since I have quite a bit left over, but that's okay. I think the pattern looks good in the Plymouth Tweed. And of course, now I'm in the middle of an obligatory extra yarn hat. I think I'd like to wrap this gift in a receiving blanket just to be cute. Too try hard?

Word on Ellen street is an old co-worker has also had a little boy this month. Perhaps I should try to knit him another baby sweater eh? As you know Baby Sophisticate is my go to, but I'm not in the mood. I hear that the Gramps cardigan is great, but looking at all those cables is giving me hives. I want to turn something out quickly and get back to my summer shawls and socks and things I will start but may never finish this calendar year ;)

I'm looking at Oscar right now. Maybe Harvest. But then if I'm really concerned about time and I have adequate striping quantity, it might have to be another  little coffee bean.

Thoughts, feelings or other recommendations are always considered and appreciated.


  1. I love it! It looks very comfy.

  2. it is just the sweetest! lucky little guy :)

  3. Just adorable little man sweater! I would keep my yarn a solid.

  4. It's adorable! I hope you receive a photo of the baby wearing it and get permission to share the photo with us. ;o)

    1. P.S. I don't like to sew on buttons either. ;o(

  5. Oh my gosh .......LOVE your commentary. LOL

    I love the "little old man" look of the sweater!

  6. Look at gramps by Tincan, it is just a raglan with a shawl collar, no cables. I am on my umpteenth hundred(?) one right now! I like it's size better than Baby Soph, it's too long and lean I think. Love the Henry!!!

  7. Wonderful job on that double breasted cardigan. I like the Oscar. There's one FO where it almost looks like Madelinetosh and fun, cowboy start buttons were used.

  8. It's fantastic, it will be so warm and snuggly and he will look cute as a button. I'll look forward to seeing which one you choose next. Lucky babies! Have a good weekend Ellen. CJ xx

  9. I love the Grandpa sweater and I think it is awesome for a baby because frankly a lot of them look like Grandpa's for a while until their wee faces change and they grow some hair. It is brilliant.

  10. You gotta love the gift your knitting or every stitch is torture. I love the stripey baby cardigan best of all.
    I am a miserable button sewer but I LOVE the look. I'm always afraid the baby could eat the button. Weird I know. Too many years in ISCU NICU.
    Have you ever knit a a baby bib? I don't know if they are really practical. Unless it was made of kitchen cotton...Hmmmm
    my niece is due today with her first, a girl Emma. Cmon Erin go into labor!

  11. this turned out great......and i love Oscar! Next little boy sweater I need to make might have to be that one!!!

  12. I love the double breastedness if that could be a word. Who cares about functionality?? it's adorable!!!

  13. I love the grown-up look of the sweater. It makes me think I need to look for something with a retro look for our new June baby (now a week late). I laughed at you comment about things you will not finish this calendar year. I am knitting (at) two sweaters that I just hope I can finish before winter. If I get even one finished this year I will be happy! I guess I've learned to settle when it comes to knitting.

  14. I love that sweater (and the shaking fist at kids to get off the lawn pose). I do like the gramps cardigan, but eekkk those cables!!! Oscar I think also looks like a nice little old man sweater as well.

  15. Ellen the knitter, making Andi laugh for many years! :)

    This little old man cardigan turned out perfect, love. Regarding the things you will not finish before Winter, who knows you may surprise yourself.