Thursday, September 24, 2015

Feeling Needy: Recipes and Patterns

I make these little lists of things to do as if I have these copious amounts of time. Andi talked about reclaiming another hour in her day but really I think for the hopes and dreams listed below I need to reclaim a few years, ha!

I need to do these things! I need more time!

To Bake:

Homemade sandwich bread

Maybe wheat bread?

Strawberry cake, cause I have strawberries.

Earl Grey Cupcakes

Liege waffles because I need a reason to buy pearl sugar$$.

This Japanese / Portuguese style sponge cake, Castella

Apparently I'm obsessing about cake. this one is mocha flavored ... oooooo. I blame the Great British Bake Off ... are you watching it too? No spoilers if you're ahead of the game. The family watches it together :)

And to knit:

For Christmas or whatever ... another wreath. This is much more polished than my existing yarn wrapped one. I'm not really a fan of the flowers. It seems holly or even some ornaments might be more appropriate. I was thinking blue and white stripes might be nice as well. Wintery, non?

And remember when we were talking about winter and fall knits? I was obsessing a bit on a vest? I found my pattern... The Loro vest. I knit her Aida as my first cardigan, and I like to bring it out and pet it every now and again. This has to be faster right? Like many of you pointed out, NO SLEEVES. Also thank you everyone for all the lovely suggestions in the comments. You're all so nice, it's really amazing.

I'm intrigued by the design of this, though I doubt it would be wearable for ... me. But it kind of says, just try it.

And yet this is what I would really like to knit for my sister and my son and my stepfather. I saw it first at A Caffeinated Yarn but seeing the photo of the faux tabby in the window made my heart kinda swoon. I will have to try to do at least one, right?

I want to just say socks. No specific pattern because well, I just want to sock knit all the time. Just plain socks. Socks soothe the soul. Sock knitting brings me patience, makes me wanna yell less. So for the pure pleasure that is my personal reverence: A WHOLE LOTTA SOCKS!!

Honestly it seems almost every blog visit is full of a great idea or inspiration. Recipes and patterns to try. Right now, I feel like I need to eat pumpkin pie with whipped cream, because you all keep knitting these amazing socks that look like spiced lattes and decorating and eating tasty fall whatnot. (I'm looking at you Dee and Araignee!)

Tell me, aside from world domination and/or peace what are you plotting? If given more time in your day/week what shiny new thing would you try to do next?


  1. I started following a blog called 'Craft Gossip' and they post 20 or more different craft ideas every day and I want to make all the things. And you'd love it--this week everything has some type of pumpkin spice theme!

    And. Apple Cider Margaritas. Yum?

    I need to needlefelt this weekend--just to continue doing it and to take out some frustrations and it is fast!

  2. LOVE the British Bake Off. I'm all about cake now-that's probably why. I found myself in the Wilton section of Joanne's fondling the cake pans today. Sigh....
    I'm did buy some silicone cupcake molds. That's my shiny new thing...soap cupcakes!

  3. Not that I *need* another hobby, but I really would like to make some beaded jewelry. The only thing is .....I would never wear it. I don't like how it feels. :::sigh:::

    I think I will have to make some pumpkin pecan muffins on Sunday because friends are coming for coffee/knitting Monday and muffins would be nice.

    I think I should be reading more too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...too many ideas, too little time.

    I think that cat stuffy is ADORABLE and you should make it! :-)

  4. Pottery throwing on a wheel and weaving! But since I have the equipment for neither, I will just keep knitting ALL THE THINGS!

  5. Oooh, Castella is THE best cake - ever!

    Love the wreath - I'm thinking grey and white would be pretty with some snowflakes attached instead of the flower.

  6. I'm not much for enjoying the kitchen for cooking or baking even though I do both because I need to-I like the kitchen clean and enjoy cleaning instead!
    Now knitting......ahhh, that is like coming home for my hands!

  7. I have wild ideas about what I'd like to do as well, assuming I had loads of extra time in the day. It would be wonderful wouldn't it. In the meantime I am off to read about reclaiming an hour every day. That will be a start. CJ xx

  8. Last weekend I tried a recipe I saw for Toffee Pecan Cookies and they are my new favorite thing! Cooler weather really lets me enjoy cooking and baking, whereas in summer I cook because I have to eat.

    As far as knitting, I always have a pair of socks in progress, no matter what else I'm working on. Lately, I've been obsessed with wraps/shawls, and colorwork. And I would love to learn to spin.

    I need to win the lottery. Even though I don't buy tickets.

  9. It is so fun to dream and make lists, yeah? You've got some good stuff in this post. I want to try to make sandwich bread too. We go through four bags of bread within two weeks from sammies and toast. I do have baking and fiber lists but I'm trying to stay mostly focused on holiday knits.

  10. I love all the things on your list. I would like to knit a couple of the vests! I have been plotting sewing a whole new wardrobe for winter but that idea was blown out of the water by the price of dress forms. Oh well, I needed to knit for Christmas anyway.

  11. Aww Ellen. SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS i couldnt agree more. Your vest will be amazing lady~
    If I had extra time well, I think I'd volunteer more at the shelter. THey always need more help. They want someone for pictures and I dont know if i can right now.
    IF I had extra time, well I should go to church, but it depresses me sometimes.
    IF i had extra time, well I Do have extra time!
    More photography. Learn to spin. Raise some wabbits...
    oh clean my car...ew

  12. If I had more time.. I'd be cross stitching, and weaving and beading and spinning.... and ... and... oh so many things!

  13. if you happen to find that extra day or two, would you share a couple hours with me????? :)

  14. Well I would knit if I had a few more minutes to plot and plan in my day, I would not work! And I certainly would not clean! I have two sweaters to plan, love that vest.

  15. It strikes me that so many of us get inspired in September. It's kind of nice because we could be depressed about the end of summer. There is just something invigorating about fall. But not enough time to do all the things we want!

  16. I need to get back to long list makings, I'll blame that on my consolidating of notebooks trying desperately to make my date book my everything book and it's not working for me.

  17. Heh- that darn extra time is continuing to elude us!
    Like all that you listed. The faux Tabby and socks...these are on my list as well. :)

  18. Great list ... especially all of those cake suggestions! I am so into sweet baked goods right now which is on a collision course with my wanting to eat a little healthier. Need to find healthy cake recipes. The Loro vest looks like a fun wearable knit.