Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday: Show and Tell

I got some knitting done this weekend with the help of a Man City win and some Giants dueling with the Cubs. (Though the Dodgers are really irritating me right now.)

I'm making slow and steady progress with Undine. I've conditioned myself to stop and count during the working row (Yarn Overs and Knit 2 together). Sometimes while I'm watching t.v. I must knit off pattern and then am shocked next working row that I'm off...

I love this yarn though. I've frogged it from another project and tinked this one a few times more than I should admit and it still gives me the happy.

*By the way that knit bowl is from Katiebee. I LOVE IT. The Undine lives there now. She doesn't want to leave the apartment, and really who could blame her? The combo really does pretty up my corner :)

Look at this.

This has sort of become the bane of my existence. I am hoping one day it will grow up to be a proper blanket. It's just miles of garter stitch to be honest. And yet, I've hardly made any progress. I try to do 2 - 4 rows at least every evening. It can't grow fast enough. Baby is due in early November.

And look here are my Hermione's Everyday socks in (the now defunct Sweet Basil Fibre Works') Godric's Hollow colorway -- on magic loop. I knit the first one sans the toe a while ago. Now the first one is completely done, and I'm just finishing up the ribbing on sock #2. I'm now trying to remember what my "recipe" was to make the second one match. Hopefully it will all work out.

Lastly is Banana Leaf, she grows slow. This is the one I want to finish before it gets really cold. It represents summer to me. I just don't know if it's realistic to think I will be knitting it in the winter or if I will finish it. She may need to hibernate ... we will see.

What are you knitting?


  1. Lovely yarns, and I really like that bowl, it's fab. Glad you managed some weekend knitting. Keep going with that blanket. I'm making one too, and it's going slowly as well. We'll get there in the end! CJ xx

  2. The socks and yarn bowl do look pretty together and would definitely brighten any knitting nest.

    Your projects are all so colorful.

    I'm knitting "vanilla" socks and a shrug.

  3. I LOVE your banana leaf in the green!!! So many things going!!! Lately, I seem to cast on a slew of things, and then focus on just one. That is SOOOO unlike me!! I love your variety. Just think....they will all start coming off the needles at the same time!!! :)

  4. I love the sock color, they will be gorgeous!

  5. I agree with the knitting/bowl combo. They are made for each other. I'd have to stop right there and turn it into a objet d'art.
    I had to put stitch markers in my Undine because I kept goofing up the yarnovers. That's shameful on such an easy pattern but it helps keep my sanity.
    What am I knitting? Today several rows got put on everything I've been working on all summer. The spots are not quite so itchy and I've got time to make up. It's September already for crying out loud. Sweater and sock weather is just around the corner and I'm not ready!!!!

  6. Lots of fun projects! I like the variety going on, too. I hope that you finish the Banana Leaf because that green is too gorgeous.

  7. The color for your Undine socks is gorgeous. Glad you are enjoying the pattern. Cute yarn bowl too. :-)

    I am NOT knitting socks.......SURPRISE! You'll have to check my blog later this week to see what is on MY needles.

    Happy knitting.

  8. Love all of your projects! Baby blankets are tedious but slow and steady will get you done. I have too much on my needles. Need to finish some projects!!!

  9. gosh you are a busy knitter these days :) lovely knits and the bowl is so pretty to showcase your yarn :) I need to make that banana leaf...

  10. Baby blankets are one my knitting kryptonites. I love the idea od them, but actually getting through a whole one just about kills me!

    Loving Undine! Welcome to the KAL!

  11. I can hear your needles clicking from here! Baby blankets do grow slowly don't they? As in MINE. I'm not even half way done but I'm okay with that.
    I Love your Banana Leaf. It is going to be a beauty, because it already is.
    I love your project bowl. I cannot leave anything out anywhere as my Fezzik LOVES yarn and he would find it.
    Go Cubs. We' are going to cave I just know it. Oh, and Cause you asked: I'm hat knitting!

  12. That blanket is like Minecraft. Mindless knitting during baseball is solid; can't make mistakes knitting that. I like the sock. Hermione would definitely wear it.

  13. I have the same thing: a few projects that are taking forever! I rarely knit blankets, even baby ones, because I feel like they are life sentence! It would be fun to finish the Banana Leaf, but too much pressure can take the fun out of knitting!

  14. Lovely stuff! I am also knitting some Undines - 1st sock is done, 2nd is almost up to the toe (I knit 2 at a time on different needles, but switch back and forth so they are approximately at the same point). And a shawl I designed I am almost done the sample knit, I just released patterns for mitts and hat (unrelated patterns) recently that were done for some time, but I couldn't get good photos for the hat ... finally did.

  15. banana leaf looks like it grew lots to me....I have that scrap sock blanket that is taking forever to finish and yet I love the way it looks. I hope you make more progress that makes you happy!!