Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Wednesday Whatknot

The cardigan I've been working on continues to be fiddled with. It's been a pretty monogamous knit for me, but we've reached that point where I'm on the second skein of 465 yards of fisherman wool and this is not something to be hauling around in shared public spaces.

I still have a luxe scarf on the needles buried in a project bag somewhere, but... I'm not feeling it right now.

As much as I want to cast on a pair of socks, I know I need something with less distraction factor and greater instant gratification factor.

So I took a look in my work stash.

What? You don't have a yarn box that you hide from you husband at the office?


This is my travel plan for now.

Some other highlights in the past week or so.

3 cakes for a 13 year old.

Giant Sugar Cookie Science

More baking for the school Talent show. Giant Cookie love. (Giant = Cafe size)

We're almost through the week people. I'm exercising now, so I can play, knit and bake later.

What's on your agenda?


  1. Work stash? Brilliant.
    Those giant cookies are awesome. How on earth do you get them that perfect?

  2. Love the concept of a work stash! And the cookies are making me hungry!

  3. Those cookies are pretty yummy looking! Happy birthday to Mr. 13!

    On my agenda ----- life in the SLOW LANE tomorrow, then gearing up for the Central Florida Yarn Crawl on Saturday.

    Life has been unpleasantly hectic ---- I NEED a weekend diversion. Some new yarn should do it, right???

  4. Heh- work stash!! Who would have thought of that...Ellen that's who. Brilliant.:)
    Those cookies look amazing and I want them all.

  5. I don't have a work stash (shared public space), but someone in another dept here that I know has a HUGE one!

    Now I want a cookie ...

  6. Nice choice of a project! It will get you through the bogged down sweater knitting slump!

  7. I'd be all over those sugar cookies at the bake sale!

    Some of my friends keep yarn in the trunk of their car, which is similar to your Work Stash.

    My heart hasn't been in my knitting lately. Hopefully this week, I can pick it up again.

  8. A work stash! That is a brilliant idea.
    Those cookies look amazing. How do you resist eating them all yourself?
    And happy birthday to your 13-year-old!

  9. On my agenda......exercising. I've pobably gained five pounda just looking at all those yummy big cookies!!!

  10. Those sugar cookies look yummy! On my agenda is a mystery sock and some exercising, then choir tonight. Have a great day!

  11. You are full of good ideas! Ellen, I don't work but that doesn't mean I can't hide yarn in the upright piano. No one plays it anymore....Great idea

    I want a piece of each of those cakes! Is one flourless chocolate?

    Dont let the teen year thing worry you. I LOVED having teenagers in my house. They are full of life and promise and I found them delightful even in their worst. I didn't do the toddler years well. Sigh we all have our strengths.

  12. Why is this child not living in my house making me cake all the time!!! Gee, maybe I need to go back to work so I can have a desk to hide yarn in?

  13. Hahaha! You had me laughing out loud at your work stash! Brilliant idea! The majority of my stash is hiding in the master bathroom shower stall. I make my husband share the other upstairs bathroom with our son so he has no idea.Yummy baking!

  14. You are one busy lady. The sweets look delicious. I want some. Three cakes? Three cakes?! Can't show my little one or she'll be demanding that every year. I can't hide yarn since the Kahuna is the CFO and monitors all the spending.

  15. I work from my car so no hiding there, but there are plenty of other places to hide it.

  16. All that food looks so yummy.
    I don't need to hide yarn from Dave, he pays zero attention to it. He does, however, like to make comments about my shoe collection...

  17. Car stash...when you have a big trunk and you and your car go everywhere together...its quite convenient ;)

  18. It's wonderful your infos. Thank you very much