Friday, December 2, 2016

A Tale of Red and Green

I promised that I would have some knitting photos and I do!

I really did finish those Summer Socks. (in November, ha!) for my friend's daughter. Such fun and happy colors. They reminded us of watermelon cocktails back then -- though this sweet young lady it probably too smart for underage cocktails. Her personality is something that would make you all grateful. Someone so kind and considerate, so polite and surprisingly, refreshingly socially and politically aware at the young age of 15. 

I don't expect all youth to be such go-getters (I had to tell her Mom and Dad, that this is not what they should expect of all children, lest they hold the rest of society to such standards). But it is pretty awesome knowing that our society will be comprised of people like Ms. J.

Hope people. Hope.

Here's the thing. I'm not sure if I'm giving her the socks. She has big feet. It's a bit of a tease her friends and family have for her, which is why I thought it would be fun to knit her socks. (Also I knit some for her Mom -- though I need to repair them, finally found the scrap yarn to do so!) But Ms. J's socks are ... uneven. 

For some reason, I was thinking I'd try a short cuff and got with 6? rows of ribbing on the first sock. By the time (it was a very long time) I got to Sock #2 I was back in vanilla sock auto-pilot mode and I went back to my usual *10 row cuff. I didn't notice this discrepancy until ... yep you guessed it. I had completed sock #2. sigh.

Attention to detail, perhaps not. I do like them. I didn't make the stripes match on both socks on purpose. I am not sure which sock knitter was doing this mismatch on purpose in the spring, but I loved the unique funky feel the patterned sock yarn was giving when you just ... knit and didn't try for the matchy match.

Anyhow, do you think she'll be offended? I hate wasting a pair of handknit socks. She could at least fart around them at home. The Kid and I thought it would be nice to maybe knit her a follow-up pair with one of her signature colors bright electric blue.

What do you think?

Meanwhile back in nervous-hands land I started my annual pair of Christmas socks. Another thing I picked up from the Knitters Blogosphere. I love it. It's yarn from The Cozy Knitter on Etsy. Happy stuff -- I'm buying Christmas yarn a year in advance, it's sad I know. There's other knitting stuff too, when time permits. But this at least is portable.

I just want to thank everyone for such kind words last post. I hope I support your spirits half as much as you support mine. I agree with you all. We move forward without our heads stuck in the sand. We do the work, and we appreciate the great and good that we have. And we yell at our kids to finish and take care of their school work. (wait, what? that wasn't in your comments? are you sure? shouldn't it be?)

*I think of the 10 row 1x1 rib cuff as the "Dear Sock Gods, please keep these socks up" cuff. LOL


  1. I did the same thing with the ribbing on socks once and I also did a 1x1 on one and a 2x2 on the other. Jeesh. I make a big knitting mess myself tonight but I am too traumatized to post it just yet. I need to calm down first.
    I do however think those socks are grand. I love those happy colors.

  2. They are such adorable socks, I don't think the cuff difference will even be noticeable! I would give her the socks. She might just love their funky uniqueness.

  3. These socks are beautiful! They will be worn under her jeans most likely and no one will be offended! They are unique!
    (Now if you knit toe up socks, you could easily fix this-ha, just saying! lol)

  4. I love the socks you knit for your niece and she will, too. The stripes don't match, so why should the cuffs. You may even originate a trend in footwear!

    Oooh, your Christmas sock is looking good.

  5. If she's anything like the kids in my life - she'll love that they are unique!

  6. I think the socks are lovely, no 15 year old likes perfect symmetry, that is for us old ladies. As for yelling about homework, you go girl! It is important and they need to know that. Here is a funny for you, Little Buddy got put in time out at school because he would not sit on the potty. When he got home I told him I was not happy he was in time out and he asked me why? Because he loves time out! Oh bother, I have may work cut out for me with this one.

  7. Gosh, I don't know what to say about the socks. I'm not s stickler for detail so I wouldn't notice if someone gave them to me, but I feel like I have to have higher standards for other people. But the pattern is so varied, she probably would never notice!

  8. Could you give HER the christmas socks and donate the other pair ? You will make a great decision!

  9. They're terrific. How can one even tell? She'll love them.

  10. I doubt anyone would be able to tell and I didn't notice until you said something. I bet she would LOVE them.

  11. The socks look fabulous and I bet she will love them! They are unique (as is she). Your Christmas socks are look purty as well.

  12. hand knit socks? are you kidding??? she'll love them....and will probably not notice the ribbing---and anyway, it will be under her pants/jeans/jammies/whatever. great colour, too!!!!