Monday, December 19, 2016

Kathy's Monday Q&A

Let's join in on Kathy's fun. It's full of holiday cheer and well, just Kathy cheer. :)

  • Have you ever been stuck in an airport?  For how long? Where?
    • I was stuck about 3 years ago in the Mexico City Airport for 5 hours longer than we expected. My son fell asleep leaning on us and drooled. I finished knitting a shawl and started a pair of socks. It could've been worse.
  • Have you eaten any holiday goodies yet?
    • Yes. Holiday parties have been filled with tasty things with friends. I'm trying to exercise regularly to break even ... trying ...
  • If you made pairs of socks with all the stash you have for socks, how many new pair would you create?
    • I have a HUGE sock yarn stash. I would say I have 25 - 30 pairs in the wings waiting to be knit. 
  • What is the best yarn store you have ever been to?
    • I love Imagiknit here in the city, Knitterly in Petaluma and when I went to NYC I found love at PurlSoho.
  • Have you seen anyone wear a Santa hat this Holiday season ? 
    • Yes. It was sparkling!
  • Have you played a fun game and you want to share it? 
    • One less heard of I think is called Forbidden Desert. It's a collaborative game. You try to rebuild your broken ship in leave the desert before you die in a sandstorm. Trust me, it's fun.
  • Peppermint or gingerbread? 
    • Gingerbread. I like it soft and chewy not so much on the snappy side.
  • Have you cancelled a subscription lately?  How did the company respond? 
    • I haven't recently. 
  • What should I bring to a 90 year olds birthday celebration? 
    (they said no gifts, but I just have to)
    • Chocolate, champagne and/or flowers.
  • Tell us a favorite Holiday gift you recall from your childhood please.
    • a fish aquarium. I know my parents saved a lot of money for me to get one when I was in first grade. It wasn't fancy, but we had guppies in class for science and I told my Dad how much I loved them. I couldn't believe it. Best present ever.


  1. Great answers! forbidden Desert sounds interesting.

  2. Oooooooooooo...I would LOVE to go to Purl Soho! It looks like such a lovely store.

  3. PurlSoho envy here too. Love the aquarium story, how lovely. CJ xx

  4. An aquarium would be a great memory maker indeed!

  5. Great answers! Love your aquarium story. PurlSoho is a fun store for sure.

  6. Just hurried up and bought Forbidden Desert from Amazon since it seems like a game my husband would like. Hopefully it will get here before Christmas!

  7. Im with everyone else . PURL SOHO!!! I must make atrip someday. Maybe my new years resolution will involve yarn shops! Thanks for all your fun answers .

  8. I had a short delay in Atlanta coming back from a cruise. I just crawled under the seats and slept. Thankfully my cousin was awake to make sure we didn't miss out flight. Merry Christmas! Hope it was a great Holiday.

  9. Great answers! Now I need to go make a tally of my sock yarn stash. Hope that you had a merry Christmas!

  10. This is the first time in a long time I've read about guppies. What happened to yours? I have a lot of second socks to complete......not to mention the stash.