Monday, December 5, 2016

Kathy's Q&A

Kathy wants to have some fun and who are we to say no to Kathy?

*Can you knit something by *heart*I can memorize a pattern while I'm in it. I can kind of knit socks by heart, but I generally do a quick look up for turning a heel. I finally memorized how to kitchener stitch.
*Would you like some yarn for Chirstmas? A good girl would say no, I have plenty of yarn. but in my heart of secret hearts I always want sock yarn.
*Did you shovel any snow this December? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kathy, I wore sandals in public on Saturday.
*Can you make a bow for a package or gift? I can make an ugly one. But a basic bow, not one of those 40 point star things. I struggle to get the ribbon to divide the package in quarters. I'm not sure how to describe that, traditional intersecting ribbon style. You know who is the BEST gift wrapper? My husband. Yeah. go figure. I shop so it's good this is his secret talent. I like a contributer.
*Do you buy used books or new? I like both. I was just in a used book store today at lunch. I can get lost in there.
*Have you seen a living Nativity? No I haven't. Maybe with the kids at midnight mass when I was a little kid. Which wasn't really at midnight by the way. But I remember I couldn't wait to eat tamales when we got back to my Great Aunt's. I remember telling her I preferred Christmas masses over Easter because the decorations and stories were better. I had issues with Easter. What? I was a precocious child! Wow way to take me down memory lane!
*Have you ever received home baked cookies in the mail? No. Always in person.
*When was the last time your toes froze and your nose was red? Every night when I climb into bed for the toes. My nose? Last soccer match of the season November 12th, big rain storm.
*Did you know that Christmas and Hanukkah are intertwined this year? I did. Only because my friends told me. 
*Do you love to get a Christmas card? Yes. I do. I'm horrible about sending them.
BONUS FUN FACT: I bought a wreath on Friday to hang on the front door before our family came by. The existing nail on our front door is too high and doesn't align. Then I was out of nails. Then the wreath was just hanging out on a kitchen chair, so I had to put it on the back staircase. So guess what? It's still there hanging out ...


  1. Sounds like many of us are "bow impaired". Maybe we could just tie twine around the package and go with the "rustic" look.

  2. The Mister does all our wrapping too. I am terrible at it and don't get me started on bows. They are the devil.

  3. Brilliant answers. Has anyone ever said "no" to Christmas yarn? It seems unlikely. CJ xx

  4. Tamales sound great...and I want one right now!

  5. I would kill right now for a tamale ...

  6. My Mom loved Christmas and put decorations everywhere; me, not so much anymore. My tree hasn't been decorated in years. I miss the decorations, but not the work it involves.

  7. So happy a question pulled a memory! That's fun Ellen. Thanks for playing! I love my sandals.....but I"m off to buy new boots for Wisconsin snow

  8. We are sort of disorganized Christmas decorators at our house, so a wreath hanging on the staircase sounds good to me! You are absolutely right about bow making. The shopping is so much more important I think we can leave the bow making to other Elves! I tend to decorate packages with anything cute or funny rather than wrestle with bows.

  9. When I wrap gifts, I like boxes. No bows or ribbon though. I just slap on a holiday To and From sticker on it and it's filled in with a Sharpie.

  10. I can make a nice simple bow and that is it. I like gift bags when possible :)

  11. Fun post! Somehow I always have to look up the Kitchener stitch, so awesome that you can do it by heart!