Monday, November 22, 2010

Knitting on the Inside

I write this post to alleviate a VERY strong desire to knit.

I am trying to focus, write lists, be practical and somehow things get really jumbled. The inside of my head is kinda like this ...

"Okay yay, only 3 days of work this week, I'm sure to finish one Ad Hoc report and ...

Geez I wonder why my drop-stitch attempt w/that novelty yarn from France went so wrong? Why does it look like a clusterf*ck instead of a nice long drape that features the fluffs and puffs?

Hmm, I wonder if I should buy a back-up pumpkin pie for my "From the Freezer and the Can Pie"attempt this week.

Geez, maybe I should just make the knitting needles size 10 and Yarn Over twice to get the desired length in my drop? Or maybe I should just stick with my size 8s and Yarn Over thrice -- since the 10s might be too loosey goosey on the garter stitch with this yarn? Or maybe a combination the Yarn Over thrice and smaller needle size? Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll swatch one option tonight. Maybe I'll just ask the Sweater Guru DA tomorrow.

Sweaters oh that reminds me, I took The Kid to see HP7P1 (Harry Potter 7 Part I) and since the main characters spent a lot of time "camping", there was a lot of interesting knitwear in the costuming. Hermione sporting longish wrist warmers convinced me I need to try and make some with self-striping yarn.

I really should start on the Harry Potter Sweater for The Kid. But I would much rather work on this: . Besides, I never said he was going to get it for Christmas. His birthday is 2 months later in February so I could put it off a little longer.

The boys are going to the basketball game. I could just swing by Imagiknit...

I really should spend an hour decluttering. Maybe half an hour.

If I try to bake pies, I'm not going to try to bake bread.

I really don't like that Taylor Swift girl for no good annoying reason. And geez did you see that Miley Cyrus dress from some awards show? It looked like swathed toilet paper. Kids these days.

I'm not baking bread.

Can I go to the yarn store now?"

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