Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Day is Fast Approaching

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving now for more than a few weeks, coordinating with the other heads of household to determine, who wanted to do what and where. Really trying to reduce the amount of obligation our family felt. My sister RSVP'd earlier to confirm they would be spending "Thanksforgiving me food and forgiving my annoying familial/familiar behavior" Day. Kind of obnoxious wordplay is a problem I have sorry.

Well, The Kid determined the traditional dinner and everyone got on board. Okay, I succumbed. But now I realize why I didn't want a traditional dinner, I have the nervous knees about trying to make one. Regardless I planned. I set out the menu with the boys, and gathered "easy" recipes from friends and consulted family members ...

The Man-friend has taken over the Turkey. He will brine with what he wants for how long he wants, and though I am relieved kind of, the control freak in me is more nervous. He's feeling a little mad scientist and crazy I can sense it ... and that's well, that's a nice organic turkey to dork around on. I also warned him ... not to make a sweet turkey by adding sugar to the brine, like he did with that batch of fried chicken. Years ago, cruel to recall, I know. I'm sorry. To add insult to injury, The Kid hears my comments and comes racing back up the hallway where he was prepping for school and says, "Oh please! No Sweet Turkey No Way!"

The Man-friend controlled his hurt.

Much better than I would (or do).

In the excitement I have not relinquished fretting. And this year I have not taken the day off before Thanksgiving or Christmas, and we are so busy between and before each, we'll be lucky, if we keep the floor picked up. So I have decided to play shortcut. I told him, pie filling from a can, crust from the freezer. Breadcrumbs pre-dried/bought and seasoned lightly. Add butter, stock and celery ... etc. Honestly I think this is the best route for me. I read all these blogs and have some amazingly efficient and talented friends (*cough HM) but I have to be realistic about my own comfort level. I am not up to par with everything for the holidays where I would like them to be, but I want to check myself so I at least enjoy them. This is my recipe for reduced fretting.

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