Thursday, March 1, 2012

Google is the new Facebook

I must say at least 3 times a week I need to disable my Facebook account. But I don't. Their privacy policies are spooky, their desire to merge everything and everyone about me together is creepy. Worlds collide and the universe is changed forever ...

They tried to improve it so we could control these little worlds in our universe.

I can barely control my temper. I don't have time to control who sees what, and what I say to whom.

I can barely get the hell out of morning drop off at the school without one or two gaffes and faux pas.

But I still haven't disabled it.

And now, The Google has decided it's going to beautify and streamline my services and life.

Please. Don't touch.

I think I give you plenty of information for what the services I use. You know I like knitting and kitchen blogs see?

I don't like controlling relationships. Don't make me resent you. Don't. Make. Me. Bing.

But really I'm gonna close down the Facebook...

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