Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back it Up! Back it Out!

No, this is not my hip-hop chant when I'm cooking thai food alone in the kitchen.

This is me discovering 2 days ago 75 stitches x 5 rows later that my stitches were off on a lovely piece of lace stole.

So I have spent two days where I had a free lunch or soccer match on t.v. (Arsenal v. AC Milan) to back it out.

In case you weren't sure. It was painful. Backing out lace is an arduous process much like getting my son to do his homework neatly. Theoretically it should be simple, perhaps with patience a little longer than your average task, because it is not a "natural" feeling, inevitably it always takes longer.

On another note, actually on another earlier blog where I discuss my knitting progress, I must admit, it is older than the post suggests. I had delusions of grandeur that I would have photos to accompany it. However I am not so good at photos. Our flat is dark and I hear that flash is not one's friend. Seeing how I have no natural talent for photos, I keep asking myself. Is it better to provide a) crappy photo or b) no photo.

What do you think?

Something I haven't had to back out of? Ms. J's chunky honey cowl. I'm starting the 2nd ball of yarn and I couldn't be more pleased. Such a lovely gal, she definitely deserves something cozy for herself.

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  1. Bummer! Ripping out lace is so painful. I wanna see a photo, even if it is "crappy." Hold some tissue over the flash to diffuse/soften the lighting.