Monday, March 19, 2012

I shivered. I jogged. I got exercise.

I ran the 12k yesterday morning. It didn't rain, but it was so windy, and I didn't run the whole thing. I think the fact that I knew I wasn't going to make it up the steep ascent to the Golden Gate Bridge was good. I walked / hiked as fast as I could, and then when I got to those last yards to get on the bridge itself, I started running/jogging again.I made it just before mile 6 and then walk/jogged interval (1:24 overall). Which I think is pretty good for me. (I'm no runner this is just glorified cardio, so don't think I'm all wannabe fancy pants)

I remember feeling so disappointed when I hit the road in the Presidio looking out at the run/bike path along the water realizing, they were going to loop us back to Fort Point before I even get to go there. We were doubling back to the bridge and I knew how much farther that meant I had to go. I wish I hadn't known. However when the big spray over where the surfers hang out (when the surf is not so rough, crazy and high) doused 4 other people in front of me and all I got were my shoes wet, I felt some luck ... until the wet shoes yielded small blisters.

Small though. I've had worse, and after the run, I could distribute my weight easier so it was ok.

I thought I would be pre-emptive and after a hot shower and cowering in my bed while the boys were out getting their exercise, I went into the Mission and decided to get an asian foot massage. However this foot massage includes bodywork. It's okay, a little rub-down that didn't require disrobing, fancy spas or a ridiculous amount of money seemed like a good idea. I also had been to this place before.

I had never had the masseuse I had. He was young and he was on a mission. I swear he was trying to break me, and he poked and squeezed and pressed and rubbed. I tried to explain that I had run and was a little tense, and he agreed with me but seemed to be scolding me. "Relax!!" He would then work on me some more and then mumble more to himself than to me, "So hard, so tight!" Sometimes he would work on another part of my back and then return to my neck and shoulders. To see if my tension had returned! That tricky trickster. Though I think he thought my shoulders was the tricky trickster.

The knots were worked out.

Until this morning.

I'm walking like a cowboy

Now I have new ones that ache so much, I'm considering going back to the man with the mission, in the mission if he can do anything about it.

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