Monday, April 30, 2012

Notes on Soccering

It's soccering because I am an American soccer Mom. I am a soccer Mom who might possibly enjoy the game more than my son. He enjoys playing. I'm a crusty old thing so I enjoy watching. I like the old British Managers in their puffy track coats. I like the younger, sleeker header Euros that coach in Italian suits and shoes I want to buy my husband.

*This is Josep or Pep Guardiola. I like him in his Italian suits and v-necks. Because he cares about his quality of life and stress reduction, he has just resigned as the Manager of FC Barcelona. His replacement? Some Tito dude, not nearly as handsome. I would shag balls for this dude. I mean that in the American way people.

I'm learning the sport. I'm figuring out how the professional leagues work and I am drawn in. I think this will last longer than both my t.v. golf and World Series of Poker (Texas Holdem) viewing. Soccer, especially English Premiere League provides me endless venues of escapism and interest. (See the DailyMail -- horrible habit, I know!) There is the Soccer Wife gossip, the young impulsive players and of course the world of money and politics of a very lucrative professional sports industry.

I have been known to purchase a FourFourTwo .

The Kid is trying to decide who his favorite team is. Right now he has favorite players. He makes the "aww" voice like he's talking about a cute cat or penguin when he says, "Messi", or "Rooney". He likes Barcelona and he likes Chelsea and he likes Manchester City and he likes Real Madrid. This is problematic. You cannot cheer for two teams within the same League.

Though I have enjoyed watching Chelsea, I am not a fan. However I am steering my son in that direction. My latest attempt at guiding him in making a reasonable subjective decision? When we go to England his chances of seeing a Chelsea match if they are playing (in London) are considerably higher than me taking him to Manchester. (Just sayin'...)

*update I tried to pitch this to the Kid, but was interrupted by his father who said, "You can like who you like. If we go to England I will take you to Manchester. What? (looking at me) England? It can't be bigger than Texas, how far can it be?

On that note, The Kid played well for himself this weekend. He looked like he was thinking, finding his position, but most importantly having fun.

Who knows how long this mentality will last. Beyblades were all the rage last year, this year ... meh. I just hope we can continue to bring the fun aspects of the game home to share, whether it's on the t.v. or cheering on the side of a pitch.

*you know what is really fun to share? a soccer win. I know, not very progressive of me, but heck, winning isn't everything but it sure is a w e s o m e. ha!

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