Friday, April 20, 2012

Yay! Just what I wanted!

"Just what I wanted" was the subject header in my friend's email. It was a quote from her daughter, Ms. D. when she opened the handwarmers I had finished making her in Kansas.

That's right people I finished something. Thankfully Annie took a picture and sent to me and I can share with you.

She's some cute stuff right? Annie has promised me a picture of her sister, Ms. J. rockin' her honey cowl I finished as well.

I have been on a handwarmer and armwarmer train these days. I love the thrill of small project completion. (Who are we kidding. I love  any sense of completion!) Self-striping yarn is the perfect thing for this. You can knit in the round on your way to work or waiting for your table reservation, or the orthodontist to finish a check-up and ta da! You have a nice cylinder in it's own pattern and you only had to haul around ONE ball of yarn.

AndiGal needs to get out of my head, because look what she posts! Lots of good stuff, including Indieyarn that self stripes, with kitschy names. She shouts out to LOTR and Downton Abbey and even Big Bang Theory (which I've been known to watch on rerun when home alone ...) A lady after my own heart. 

Now excuse me I have some shopping to do ... "Just what I wanted!"

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