Monday, August 20, 2012

It's all just a mess

I've been trying. Really hard to sort through it all. I am unbelievable saddened by my ineffectiveness.

What is the opposite of making an impact? That's me.

So in an exercise for my own mental sanity let's see where else I'm inept and how I'm patching together resolutions:

1. I am not seeing my family enough, specifically my father and sister. They live in the area. Yes, my sister is busy, and my father doesn't much enjoy the commute to the city. But they are nearby, and I need to make a better effort. Because, looks splash! The summer went by and I barely saw them. Bad daughter. Bad sister.

Resolution: We are family, they are stuck with me. Call them, make a plan.

2. The clutter is not uncluttering. So much to go through, so much to get rid of. We have so much, and I know that we are already plotting how we can get more. I want space. I want a few nice outfits and yarn. So why do I have these other "things?"

Resolution: Take the 3 bags of Goodwill to the Goodwill this week. Create three more by the end of the weekend.

3. I did not back up the computer, upload the newest set of photos or shop for a new computer. It all has to do with computer. Even the iPhone can't save me from this chore can it?

Resolution: This is painful. Saturday afternoon, after I drop the kid off at a Birthday party, at least upload photos and back up on external drive.

4. I barely ran all summer. Just when I was working out consistently every week, I got hit by the summer cold. I barely made 45 mins. the other night of sustained cardio. I have to climb the get fit mountain twice as hard now.

Resolution: Thanks Nike ... I know ... just do it. Or better yet, keep going, don't think, just go. I always feel better. Start with a walk, start walking there, somewhere, anywhere.

5. Anxiety is mounting that I'm going to forget something else.

Resolution: Easy peasy pie. I love a good list. Write it down, prioritize. Strike an item, knit an hour ... or two...

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