Friday, August 31, 2012

I Smell a 3-Day Weekend!!

The gray weather came in this morning ushering in Labor Day the gatekeeper to the fall. It's supposed to warm up again tomorrow or so, but this is fine for everyone's mood now.

At school drop-off this morning everyone was chockful of excitement for the long weekend. Some people are already off early.

The parking lot at work looks like a desert. I wondered who would be in the office ... oh there were plenty of us still "cubing" it today.

Lists of chores have been made. It's chance to catch up a little after some serious lazy post work/workout evenings! They must be good lists too, because I see the tremors in the boys' eyes as I prattle on about how "We're gonna get things done!".

Time blocking has been declared! (The Kid has requested video game/computer time, I knitting and forced family declutter, The Husband, Sunday day trip) Expectations managed!

Anticipated disappointment: Between soccer practice Saturday morning and our day trip on Sunday I will probably not get a chance to watch any live Premiere League soccer. This is mitigated by extra knitting time at practice, seeing a LIVE MLS soccer match on Sunday evening and ... knitting in the car on our Sunday day trip :)

I smell cups of coffee, tea, chocolate crinkle cookies, cinnamon rolls and bbq.

I can feel soft yarn, hoodies covering my ears in the Sunset district fog,

I can see my overworked husband enjoying a chance to sleep in and take his time reading the paper and I can see The Kid furiously working on new Lego designs.

If I can have just some or any of the above, I'm a lucky one.

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