Monday, August 20, 2012

Unbelievably Boring & Gray - "Now what?"

So ... my posts are sparse unlike my arse.

I attempt to write something and I'm shamed for lack of pictures in knitting posts and I'm shamed for how boring I am in any attempt at reflection.

Well it's up to me to make a change. Knitters and Dingy Moms must persevere.

I blame a lot of my ennui on my lack of supreme health. I cannot shake this throaty cough. (Though last night I slept pretty fabulously and I might've heard a few angels sing.) This has run me down far more than I realized. It's hard because I'm not outright bedridden sick, but do not have sufficient energy.

As in protest my hair seems to be "rooting" at an alarming rate. I bought some new dye two weeks ago, but have sort of just let it ... languish. I'm wearing my mood perhaps? The thing is I don't feel depressed, just tired.

I am returning to some exercise this week. But I don't think I'll be back to 3 days a week until next week. I can barely fold laundry without wanting to file a legal complaint. ha!

I am actually going to weave and block that Leaves Sweater for Ms. Jodi and ship it out to her. Just in time for teacher's new school year.

I've started legwarmers for Ms. Shay and I'm hoping... hoping that I can make some more progress on Aidez this month for myself.

The Wonder Blanket which I've decided to start calling, The Monster Blanket is toiling along at an acceptable pace. It's good for a few rows before dreamland.

I have delusions of other blankets but I might have to pace myself with casting on additional projects. School is about to start, and along with it, homework checks, soccer practice, and volunteering. That's returning to normal. (Secretly I'm grateful to know that my morning commute for The Kid is just less than 2 miles from the house instead of the all over the map day camps we had this summer.)

Also I have decided I might wholeheartedly join a knit a long Random I know. I'm usually so bad at making pace, I never join. I don't know how people like Project Stash do it. She's got a million going! I'm on the ravelry group for the Wonder Blanket, but that felt so low pressure, that it was OK. (That reminds me, I wanted to try her Miranda Hat pattern ... so much to do!) I really need to get over my sock knitting issues. I even bought some of those tiny sock making knitting needles.

I have had no kitchen mojo whatsoever. I haven't wanted to make a stew, a brownie a biscuit a rice krispy treat. Nada, nothing. Projects of fiber and that's it. I mean I cook, but I'm not project cooking or baking. And that's okay.

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