Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Need A Nap and More Knitting Time

I'm suffering from an acute case of Weekend Whiplash. It wasn't a bad weekend. It was a busy weekend. So busy, when my father asked what we did on Friday ... I couldn't remember.

(We ran the food order table at the school Harvest/Halloween festival)

The good thing is, I managed to knit.

I finished Koffee Klatch Hat #3! And I think it's not bad, and I feel confident it will fit. Crazypants!

I picked up the diaper pants project again. I was sooo into the idea of this when I started. I got the appropriate needles, and finished the ribbing and eyelet and was making pace and now ... I need to start short rowing. Ugh. For some reason, the thrill is gone. My eyes are wandering to other patterns now. I mean there simply has to be something better than what I'm doing ...

So I put them in a corner and picked up Aidez.

I am so embarrassed about my inability to read a "simple pattern."

Okay so I'm trying to knit the left AND right fronts at the same time. There are specific instructions for the left front. For the right there is this:
Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and placement of pat sts. Bind off for armholes on WS rows. Work armhole decs at end of RS rows as SSK, k2.
Yes, I understand that I must reverse the order of the Rows. The problem is the rows, reference ... other rows of pattern. Do I reverse these as well?

for example: Row 2 of the Seed Wishbone pattern is:
Rows 2, 4 and 6: K2, (p1, k1) 3 times, p2, k2.
Do I knit: k2,p2, k1,p1, (3x) K2? Am I making this too difficult? Do I knit as usual just in the reverse order?

I pinged a friend/co-worker knitter and tried to email her about it. She said she'd get to come by tomorrow. What she doesn't realize is I'm itching to knit today.

I may have to go back to baby pants eh?

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